Jack'd 3D


Hi Tech Jack’d Up, The New Jack’d 3D

In 2012, the FDA went after several supplement companies selling products containing DMAA (1,3 dimethyl-amylamine). There was no bigger player in the game than USP Labs, based in Dallas, Texas. The FDA pretty much decided itself to be the judge, jury, and executioner of this fight. Without following due process as outlined by DSHEA guidelines, they summarily “banned” the use of DMAA. They never followed procedures, and that is why Hi Tech decided to fight them on the legality of this “faux” ban. USP labs threw in the towel, and Hi Tech picked up the torch and ran with it. At question were two massive selling products for USP, Oxy ElitePro, perhaps the most successful fat burner to be sold and Jack’d 3D, the most popular pre-workout ever sold. Hi Tech came out with versions of both these products; Hi Tech HydroxyElite Pro and Hi Tech Jack’d Up. We are going to focus on Jack’d Up, Hi Tech’s answer to the DMAA ban.

Jack'd Up

Is Jack’d Up Really The New Jack’d 3D?

If you want to know if this product is really Jack’d 3D in a different container, just look at the labels of the original Jack’d 3D and Jack’d Up. They both contain DMAA. They both have caffeine which is vital in kick starting DMAA. They are the same in almost every way except Jack’d Up uses a quad blend of creatine in the same amount overall. It also has agmatine sulfate, which is similar to AAKG (arginine alpha-ketoglutarate). This promotes a nice muscular pump. AAKG also promotes muscular pump by working on the NO (nitric oxide) system. Think Viagra for muscles. Both products used CarnoSyn Beta Alanine. If you like to tingle, this is the ingredient to do that to you. In reality, beta alanine staves off fatigue by balancing tissue pH. Then in the mix in Shisandra Chinensis. This is a mood elevating nootropic. So when you put it all together, you get energy, focus, stamina, and a euphoric feeling. Who wouldn’t want to train feeling that way?



Why Buy The New Jack’d 3D, Hi Tech Jack’d Up?

The government always tells us how to live our lives. With over 84 million doses sold and less then 100 problems reported, this is by far safer to consume than aspirin and NSAID’S. So should we ban aspirin and NSAID’S? Of course not, because a great deal of people get benefit against the small number who die. The argument is no different with DMAA. It helps many people achieve their goals. Why ban it? The FDA argument is ludicrous.  Its sad the media can completely distort facts when it sells papers or adds viewers. The bottom line is in my research, there have been no attributable deaths that 100% were the result of DMAA use. Far more people die of diabetes complications every year but I don’t see the FDA banning soda, Big Macs, fries, cake, pizza, etc. Why? Because people would scream and politicians know it. You can win an election banning some obscure supplement, but not junk food. It’s laughable the way this cumbersome agency operates. So why buy Hi Tech Jack’d Up. If you are an anarchist, you do it tell the government to screw off. If your a serious lifter, you do it because there is nothing better to power you through a rough workout. Go to Mind and Muscle today and order yours. Heck, order 2 just in case they do ban it. That way you always one on reserve.

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