Introducing SuperCarb by Caleb Stone - Mind And Muscle

hot girl with a jumpropeWe have made a habit of always being delayed in the release of new products, so I decided to surprise you with one this time.

I proudly introduce the latest and greatest in the Avant Labs line —


SuperCarb™ (beta) is now available directly through the Avant Store.


The Perfect Carbohydrate™
Ultra-Low Glycemic Index! Tastes like sugar! Time-released!


is Avant Labs’ semi-miraculous new carbohydrate product, which has a metabolic profile and a myriad of applications which are sure to quickly make it a permanent part of your bodybuilding or athletic life.

I am aware that many people do all they can to avoid carbs and are probably not exactly pumped at the moment – oh, and I forgot to mention that SuperCarb™ is not just a carb, it is a sugar!! But, this is no ordinary carbohydrate or sugar. One might call it the “creatine of carbohydrates”. Or the “SesaLean™ of sugars. “. It is basically the perfect carbohydrate.

SuperCarb™ has the bulk, the feel, and the taste of sucrose (about half as sweet). It is fully metabolized and supplies the same 4cal/gram as sucrose, but because its hydrolysis is much slower, it has an extremely low Glycemic Index. Thus, it does not spike blood sugar and insulin levels like sucrose, maltodextrin, refined grains, and other commonly used carbohydrates do.

In fact, a dose equivalent to about 60g for a 200lb person increased blood glucose by only 1/3 of the increase produced by sucrose at the same dose. It also does not increase blood triglycerides as sucrose and fructose do. And, while blood glucose quickly falls to below baseline fasting concentrations with sucrose and friends, it remains at the ideally elevated level for several hours with SuperCarb™.

SuperCarb™ is a naturally occurring constituent of sugar cane and is found in small amounts in a number of other plants as well. It is non-toxic and very well tolerated at doses under 50-75g.

I have actually been sitting on this compound for quite awhile, waiting for our future meal replacement powder “FED™”, and a couple other projects. I had planned to roll them all out at the same time to maximize the scope of the head start on the rest of the market. But, those projects are not going to happen for a bit, so I decided to go ahead and release it on its own.

There is nothing else like it out on the market, and it is so useful and so versatile that I just could not keep it shelved any longer. I definitely think that SuperCarb™ ranks up there with any of the several really cool new ingredients to be introduced in the last few years. It is a time-released carbohydrate, which is also very yummy. It is like having salad, but with the taste of sugar. The applications are endless, as they say.

The Benefits

A modest, but constant and sustained supply of glucose to the bloodstream, and subsequently the cells, is the ideal situation for cell function, thus for performance, mood, and body composition. SuperCarb™ provides this.


Ups and downs in blood sugar result in a myriad of problems from sleepiness to moodiness to fatigue. The benefits of a carbohydrate source that provides a steady stream of glucose and fructose to the brain and muscles when in the gym or on the field (or even studying) should be pretty obvious.


A steady monosaccharide supply prevents hunger from rebound low blood sugar, and it signals the adipostatic machinery that the organism has adequate food and bodyfat stores. This is referred to as the “fed state”. This decreases food, and especially carbohydrate, cravings, and keeps metabolic rate from decreasing.

The slow release of glucose from SuperCarb™ also minimizes the feed-forward dopaminergic response normally seen with eating sucrose. This response involves the same neurotransmitter systems and chemicals as drugs of abuse, and it leads to the almost uncontrollable bingeing and cravings that are a part of food or carbohydrate addiction. Minimizing this response is crucial in dieters who tend to overeat. It is also extremely useful for carb-ups and refeeds that one wants to keep from getting out of control.

Finally, the low insulinemic environment promotes greater fatty acid oxidation compared to inferior carbohydrates.

Bulking/Muscle gain:

The “fed state” not only keeps your fat burning metabolism up, but it also signals that you can carry more muscle tissue (which is energetically greedy thus needs signals of adequate energy stores). In other words, in the fed state, protein synthesis and anabolism are primed for putting on muscle. The moderated insulin response compared with most carbohydrates will also be very helpful for decreasing fat gain during lean bulking.


Given its metabolic advantages and its great versatility of use, it should be easy to see a number of places to incorporate SuperCarb™ into your diet and supplement regimen. But, in case you can’t, we have done so for you:

1. Workouts and Competition:

Perhaps the most obvious use is to add it to or substitute it in your workout drink. It is the ultimate carbohydrate to add to your CEE, NO, BCAA, and or protein product or to make your own super Gatorade™. The steady, sustained glucose delivery will be unmatched for muscular endurance, energy, as well as for recovery.

Recommended usage is 20-30 grams per hour of activity. 1 part maltodextrin or table sugar can also be added to 2-3 parts SuperCarb for a quicker kicking in of glucose delivery.

2. Lean/Clean Bulking:

What a perfect carbohydrate to add to MRP’s and other foods when bulking, to avoid the excess fat gain that comes with dirty bulking. SuperCarb™ tastes and mixes basically just like sugar so it can be used in a million things. Being ultra-low GI, it will help you minimize the fat gain and the sluggishness that occurs with compared with using lesser carbs and fatty foods to help you meet your extra calorie needs.

Recommended usage is 30g, 4X per day with meals. Use no more than 50g at one time or 200g per day.

3. Dieting:

It does not get much better for dieting than an ultra-low GI carbohydrate that tastes, feels, mixes, and cooks like sugar. Decreased hunger and cravings… better maintenance of metabolic rate… increased fatty acid utilization… and you can make cookies with it!

Recommended usage is 50-200g per day, divided up as is useful (but no more than 50g at a time)

4. RedBull™ Type of Product:

Glucose is far and away the brain’s favorite fuel source. It loves it, it needs it, it thrives on it. SuperCarb™ provides a perfect, long-lasting stream of glucose. Enough said. No, one more thing: AMP™ + HEAT Stack™+ SuperCarb™ = RedBull’s Daddy™

Recommend usage is 20-30g every two hours.

5. Anywhere that you Use Sugar:

Or maltodextrin. Use SuperCarb™ with coffee, cereal, oatmeal, Kool-aid™, Jello™, meal replacement powders, and so much more. Along with SesaLean™ (and protein powder), this really helps make for some great dessert options from brownies, to cake, cookies, to pudding. I’m going to try to make marshmallows with it this weekend.

Recommend usage is as needed but consume no more than 50g at one time or 200g per day.

6. Low-Carb Dieters:

If you are a low-carb dieter, you are going to be able to add some really nice bells and whistles to your diet. You have learned to hate carbohydrates. And, most of them deserve your scorn, especially the high the GI ones. But, SuperCarb™ avoids basically all of the normal pitfalls of carbohydrates, from the glucose and insulin response, to the triglyceride response, to the triggering of bingeing. So, you can learn to love them once again.


SuperCarb™ is not only a metabolically superior carbohydrate source, but it also opens up an entire new world of delicious foods for your healthy eating pleasure, especially sweets.

Here is a reminder of some of its key attributes:

SuperCarb™ is ultra-low GI.SuperCarb™ provides steady, long-lasting energy.SuperCarb™ has the bulk, and also tastes, mixes, and cooks like sugar.SuperCarb™ improves central metabolic and hunger control machinery.SuperCarb™ is ideal for lean bulking.

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