Insulin Sensitivity - Part 1

Don't let insulin resistance kill you, increase your sensitivity to insulin!

Don’t let insulin resistance kill you, increase your sensitivity to insulin!


Gratuitous Rant
Insulin is a confusing hormone. It is the culprit behind diabetes I and II and the entire country knows nothing acurate about it. This article is not about diabetes or its treatment, its about things which work like insulin to help build muscle and not build fat. However, 99.999% of insulin research is done on diabetics. Because of this, the only data we have to work with is that collected from diabetics. The truth is research costs money and our culture finds it more important to find scientific ways to eat like shit and die slower than find ways to make humans better. Because of this the public supports the government paying for these experiments. If scientists can cure diabetes then you can drink Frappuccinos and eat Jets pizza morning noon and night and not die, thats the american dream and thats what our tax dollars go to.



Diabetes is actually 3 completely unrelated diseases.

*Diabetes insipidus: This has to do with urine and has nothing to do with blood sugar or insulin. THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT.

*Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 – This is a congenital disease (one you’re born with). You have no beta cells in your pancreas so you produce no insulin, you need insulin injections to deliver the carbs from your blood to your muscle and brain, kidney, heart and unfortunately fat supplies. THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT


The relative mortality of Type II diabetics is astounding!

*Diabetes Type 2 – This is a polite way of saying end stage obesity. The person has eaten themselves to the brink of death. This is actually a huge epidemic. when i was growing up almost all cases of diabetes were Type 1. In only 20 years america has eaten itself to impotence, blindness, heart disease and amputation all for nothing. Now type II diabetes makes up 95% of cases. Its such a huge financial burden to help these people, the government spends BILLIONS on diabetes every year. Losing 30 lbs of fat will cure many cases of diabetes. No doctors. No pills. Just discipline and self control. If you’re diabetic and you want to live read and memorize this and do everything I say.


Insulin Sensitivity – Part 1

betterglut4Insulin is released from the pancreas after glucose from the blood stream is absorbed by the Glut2 transporters in the pancreas. Glut2 is much more sensitive than the transporter in muscle and fat, Glut4. This way the pancreas can respond to trace amounts of blood sugar without every bit of glucose being sucked up by the muscle and fat 100% of the time, your brain needs it more after all!

Insulin is released by the pancreas in an amount proportionate to the Glycemic Load: the Glycemic index multiplied by the number of carbs consumed divided by 10.
for example 2 cups of rice is 88 g carbs, lets say jasmine rice is 110 glycemic index, then it has a 96.6 Glycemic load or GL. It’s as if you ate 96.6 g of carbs for purposes of insulin secretion. 2 apples is 30 g carbs and 25 glycemic index, so about 8.5 glycemic load or 8.5 impact carbs on insulin secretion. So 2 cups of rice causes 11 times more insulin to be released than 2 apples.


Why Does Insulin Matter?

Diabetes research is how this stuff was learned so a lot of the information is contaminated. You see, were bodybuilders, not type II diabetics. So our bodies and lifestyle are the polar opposite of theirs. I’m going to do my best to draw logical conclusions based on athlete physiology even though the data was collected in diseased subjects.

Remember how the 2 cups of rice was 96.6 g “impact” carbs but the 2 apples were 8.5? Well thats a huge difference in released insulin. Muscle cells are sensitive to glucose at different times of day, and they respond to the amount of insulin depending on their insulin sensitivity. Post workout and at night is when the muscles are most likely to suck up more carbs than the fat cells, in the AM the insulin sensitivity is so low almost all the carbs you eat are stored as fat. Fat cells respond with a greater absorption of carbs the greater the amount of insulin. Fat cells are always sensitive, there is no threshold. This means that really sensitive muscles will respond to low levels of insulin and thus you wouldn’t need a lot of an insulin spike to get carbs into the cells.
The Apples may be to low to get the muscles to respond to the insulin but the fat WILL respond to the amount of insulin, so all the carbs from apples will be stored as fat unless you eat them post workout or at night or of course burn the carbs as energy. On the other hand the insulin would be so high from 2 cups of rice that some of the carbs will go to the muscle. However, lets look at magnitude: if 50% went to muscle and 50% went to fat then you would still be storing 5 times as much fat as if you ate the apples, its just the apples are going to be 100% fat after it hits your bloodstream but at least 50% of the rice will turn to muscle glycogen.

Now lets say you had the choice of jasmine rice or sweet potato. The sweet potato has a lower glycemic index (55 < 110) so less insulin will be released, in theory 50% less. Less insulin means a higher % of the carbs will go to muscle than the rice, assuming the insulin was high enough to activate the Glut4 transporter on the muscle. Perhaps 66% goes to the muscle and 33% goes to fat with the potato, where it was 50/50% with the rice. Thus, using a lower glycemic index carb will result in more muscle synthesis and less fat storage assuming all other things are equal.


Insulin Resistance

NIDDM - Non- insulin dependant diabetes melitus.  They keep changing the name to confuse people, yes its intentional. Its just plain Diabetes II. Notice how bad it is to be obese or worse "NIDDM"?

NIDDM – Non- insulin Dependant Diabetes Mellitus. They keep changing the name to confuse people, yes its intentional. Its just plain Diabetes II. Notice how bad it is to be obese or worse “NIDDM”?

When someone consumes copious amounts of junk food a downward spiral takes place. insulin sensitivity decreases as one consumes toxic waste (man made food). This is called insulin resistance. This causes more fat to be stored with any given meal. As you store more fat some of it is stored as visceral fat. The more visceral fat the more insulin resistance and heart disease, the more insulin resistance the more visceral fat, and the more insulin resistance etc.

It gets better! As you get fatter, your fat cells convert your testosterone into estrogen. Estrogen makes you store fat and water and decreases the strength of your muscles. so its a downward spiral in two synergistic ways!!! If your body fat creeps up to the 15% mark your really screwed (average american is 25-35% fat) now your insulin sensitivity gets worse at a faster rate. Trying to bulk when you’re already fat results in almost all your gains being fat. For more on body composition click here.

As I mentioned tongue in cheek above, the cure for diabetes II is simple: If your dying from diseases related to diabetes, and diabetes is caused by insulin resistance, then reduce your insulin resistance. Decreasing the Insulin released from your meals by switching to low GI whole foods will allow you to store less fat and thus over time as you lose fat your insulin sensitivity increases. It gets harder and harder to lose more weight but your insulin sensitivity increases at a much faster and more linear rate. Just losing 30 lbs may save your life.

Depression is best explained as a total lack of hope. If you’re terminally obese, you have to be low in the hope department, so turn it around, have hope. Just put the Frappachino and it’s 700 empty ass widening calories down and drink decaf coffee with stevia. In just 50 days you should be down 10 lbs. If you dont belive in yourself believe in me. I’ve reversed plenty of cases of diabetes II with just food and exercise.

For more on how to improve insulin sensitivity check out Part 2!

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