Increasing Testosterone with Onion Juice?


A woman asked me about juicing the other day. I told her women don’t need to be injecting steroids. She didn’t get it.

She was talking about drinking juice not ‘juicing’ ( the verb for injecting steroids)

How  ironic that this morning I found a study done a few years ago in Iran on the effects of onion Juice on increasing testosterone. As hard as it is to believe onion juice can increase testosterone from 160 ng/dl to 509 ng/dl!!!  And no, you don’t have to inject it, you drink the juice.  I guess Men have a new form of Juicing to look into!

I’m sorry but this is absolutely incredible. It wasn’t fancy Iranian onions you can’t get either, it was plain old Allium cepa, just regular onion. (kahki A 2009)


In Iran there are a lot of guys who cant afford health care, just like here in America. So researchers investigated a theory that an antioxidant can increase sperm production and fertility.

The theory is that anti oxidants have been proven to facilitate sperm health so they wanted to see if the antioxidant effect of onion juice can do the same. It was just a by product of testing the onion juice for sperm health that the researchers stumbled upon the testosterone boosting effects!

The Results Are Astounding!

Test Group Control 0.5 g onion/Kg 1g Onion/kg
Total Antioxidant capacity (TAC) 0.53 0.53 0.88
MDA (free radicals in testes) 4.80 3.30 2.43
luteinizing hormone (LH) 1.51 2.01 2.94
Total Testosterone 160 390 509
FSH 20.37 23.49 26.61
Sperm Count 49 57 76
Sperm motility 34 75 87
Sperm Viability 66 93 93
Sperm Abnormality 6 5 5
Diameter of Seminiferous Tubule 3.8 3.8 3.8

In case you are not table minded I’ll explain it:)

The left column is the control, these rats got water, the middle column got half the amount of onion juice as the right column. 1g/kg means per kg of rat 1 g was given per day. So a 176 lb man would be 80 kg and in theory have to drink 80 g or 2.86 oz of onion juice to get the maximum effect.

What were really doing is comparing the left column to the far right to see what the onion juice did.

First look at the top, it shows that the onion did in fact have an anti oxidant activity with the full dose, none with the half.

Then the second row shows that the onion did lower the free radicals in the testes. The more onion juice the less free radicals present. This contradicts the row above which shows the 0.5 g group does not cause an increase in total antioxidant capacity.

The next row shows that it drastically increased LH, It’s doubled with the full dose group!

The next row shows the astounding increase in testosterone! The full dose group is more than three times normal!!

Following rows confirm that the onion juice did in fact increase FSH and subsequently sperm count, and mobility etc.


What Does This Mean?

This means if you consume onion juice it will clear up the free radicals in your testes and allow them to respond better to your LH and FSH and subsequently produce more testosterone, more sperm, and the sperm are healthier. Likely women who use this would be more fertile but since they will produce more estrogen they will gain fat and store water. Making them look great to us, but they hate that!  For some reason it also causes your pituitary to realsease double the LH and between that and the more receptive testicle you get a THREE FOLD INCREASE in NATURAL testosterone using a natural plant.


Rise and Swell

Rise and Swell Mind and MuscleI put Vitamin C in my natural test booster Rise and Swell to get this antioxidant effect. I also included DAA which like the onion juice increases both LH and causes the testes to respond better to the LH to make more testosterone. I also included L-Carnitine and Vitamin D to shuttle cholesterol to  the testes to provide them with the material to make testosterone from!  L-Carnitine also increases the receptors testosterone binds to making testosterone work better.

The only way to make Rise and Swell an even better natural testosterone booster would be to mix it in some onion juice! Then you capitalize on all the synergistic effects on testosterone production from the onion, the Vitamin C, DAA, Calcium Lactate, L-Carnitine, Vitamin D and the increased blood flow to the genitals from the Agmatine Sulfate.

In addition to the testosterone boosting effects, Rise and Swell provides fat burning and sexual enhancing effects from some of the ingredients above and yohimbine.


Faster Results?

If you want even faster testosterone increase then try 4-Andro! 4-Andro is a prohormone that converts DIRECTLY to testosterone!  Then you can have as much as you want, the more you take the more it converts to testosterone, But don’t forget to use Rise and Swell along with it so as not to lose your natural ability to produce testosterone.  Then after 8 weeks of 4-Andro do a PCT with Form XT and Rise and Swell.

Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside.  The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only.  All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.


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