Increase Testosterone


Why Increase Testosterone?

Testosterone is easily one of the most talked about hormones of the 21st century. All across america middle aged men are being prescribed medication to increase testosterone levels. Why? Because Testosterone is the primary male hormone, it’s critical for survival and being a man.

There are a plethora of benefits to increasing your testosterone, enough for a separate article.  To name just a few:

  • Increased lifespan
  • Increased physical attractiveness
  • Increased sexual functioning
  • Increased sex drive
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Increased strength
  • Decreased whining
  • Decreased body fat

 Two Ways to Increase Your Testosterone: Exogenous and Endogenous

Endogenous is when your testes produce testosterone themselves. This is how natural testosterone is produced, and Rise and Swell is the best natural testosterone booster on the market, I made it myself. There is no reasonable chance of any side effects as all it does is tell your testes to make more natural testosterone. It works on the function of DAA which is an amino acid which binds to the testes and stimulates natural testosterone production. Other options exist like herbal based natural testosterone boosters. Natadrol is an excellent version of this. Another method is the inhibition of the aromatase enzyme. This enzyme converts testosterone into estrogen which is horrible for men, it does the complete opposite of testosterone as it is the primary female sex hormone. Form XT is a great herbal based Aromatase inhibitor and like Rise and Swell and Natadrol it boosts natural testosterone.  The Mind and Muscle Natural Testosterone Stack uses these 3 different avenues to guarantee increased natural testosterone.

Exogenous is when you take prohormones or synthetic testosterone like prescription steroids into your body. This allows you to control exactly how much testosterone you want to have and the only real drawback is while you’re taking it your body stops producing it’s own supply.

The downside of going to your doctor for testosterone is they are notorious for prescribing it wrong. They either use too little and its more harm than good or they administer shots so infrequently it doesn’t work. I feel most intelligent people are better off handling it themselves.  The only legal way to do this is with a prohormone like 4-Andro.  4-Andro converts into testosterone in the body.

By adding Rise and Swell to a prohormone or prescription drug, you can prevent the body from “shut down”; the term for when the body sees your taking testosterone into your body and stops making its own testosterone. This practice of using a natural booster while on cycle is called On Cycle Therapy.

This Shut down is what I see when people are gullible enough to trust their family doctor: they are given just enough to tell the body to stop making its own natural testosterone, but not enough to do what its supposed to do. Now they are shut down and they are worse than when they went to their doctor in the first place.

Castration of America

When I was growing up men were men. Men were allowed to act like men without social backlash and women were into men who were masculine.

During the ‘90s behavioral science became all the rage. Prozac was invented and now depression, the illness prozac was FDA approved for, was a very common widespread disease. Before this time mental illness was relatively rare and looked down on, but now that Prozac and other SSRIs were developed and FDA approved for treatment of depression, business savvy psychiatrists began diagnosing depression left and right so that they could write prescriptions for SSRIs.
After the public caught on to the financially motivated rise in the amount of new cases of depression each year, the FDA approved SSRIs for all sorts of mental illness. Now the incidence of depression wasn’t the only thing up, all mental illnesses are more prevalent.

Just to clarify, america did not become depressed overnight, a way of making money off diagnosing depression was created and now there is a reason to misdiagnose people.

To compensate for this “rise in mental illness” more Psychiatrists were in demand. But because it takes 13 years out of high school to become a psychiatrist and only 2 years to become a social worker, hospitals were hiring social workers and having them handle all the talking, and having one psychiatrist sign off on the judgment calls of drastically less educated and less intelligent social workers. This is because a social workers make 10$ an hour and Psychiatrists make about $300. So the Hospital saves money having 1 Psychiatrist who oversees a legion of social workers, whether they know what they are doing or not.

This huge upswing in demand for mental illness professionals created a public interest in psychology. Now social workers who are primarily middle aged women were encouraging men to behave more like women, that a gender neutral culture would be better for everyone. Likewise women were encouraged not to raise their children, but to hire a nanny or drop their kids off at daycare and to become more like men in dress and action including putting career before family.

What wasnt taken into account was sexaul attraction based on instinct. By having men act more like women and women act more like men both genders became less sexually attractive and the depression of the ‘90s was exacerbated by this now gender ambiguous culture not having as much sex. Just think Kurt Cobain and Janeane Garofalo, both skirting androgyny right?

So you have a medication that is practically in the water which reduces sex drive and the leading science du jour is to have both genders have moderately long hair and listen to male rappers who get their nails done. Gender roles and human sexuallity are at an all time low since the 1950s..

Re-Ma$culinization of America

With the invention of Androgel, Doctors found a way to safely and effectively increase testosterone in men without using needles. Men raised in the 90s are not made like they used to, they are afraid of pain and choose not to use a needle. So cunning businessman with medical degrees used Androgel to bridge this gap. To give the males of america their masculinity back by administering male sex hormone with a pleasant smelling topical gel. Now it all comes full circle, a new drug can be profited from so a new disease must be created to scare people into taking the drug. A drug the lay person used to call steroids.

In the 1980s for almost no reason at all there was a brutal witch hunt on baseball players for using steroids. Before this time anabolic steroids and the parent hormone testosterone were normal prescription medications used for decades to improve athletic performance and masculinity. At this time women were attracted to masculine men and it made sense for men to take steroids just like women get breast jobs; to attract the members of the opposite sex.

However after this witch hunt on steroids and the gender ambiguation of the 90s it was socially unacceptable for men to be heavily muscled. People would mock and ridicule muscular men erroneously claiming they had small penisis, likely based on jealousy. To this day women ask me if big muscles make penises smaller. Seriously people are that stupid.

The public was lied to about the dangers of steroids just like they were lied to about the dangers of marijuana with the government propaganda film “reefer madness”. The US government used uninformed doctors to push their political agenda of vilifying steroid users as violent drug addicts without reasonable evidence of the drug being harmful or dangerous, just embellished details and twisted data to push an agenda. Identical to the US government’s mistreatment of marijuana.

The only evidence they had were long term abuse cases of the most extreme steroids, and even then the cases were cherry picked for the most dramatic side effects. In no way did the government investigate a normal amount used for a normal amount of time.

I would like to point out that to this day Birth control pills are by far the most dangerous form of steroids. Oh, you didn’t know your birth control pills were steroids? Your doctor didn’t tell you? He didn’t tell you they are more dangerous than any anabolic steroid? Why am I not surprised.

Now in the 21st century the media has to do a full 180 degree turn to sell steroids to the people, or does it? Instead of trying to convince the public to trust steroids after the media just got done vilifying it 20 years earlier, clever marketers sold men on the idea of “Low T”. That they are not taking performance enhancing drugs to get more masculine, but that they have a “disease” of “Low T” and this is medicine to treat said disease. BULLSHIT.

Not calling Testosterone testosterone but calling it “T” was to conceal the fact that the drug Androgel was nothing but the very steroid all these famous sports heros’ career’s were ruined over. That the men who are now old enough to need their testosterone to function like a man would feel like a hypocrite for using the very drugs they rallied against when they were 20 years younger and didn’t understand the effects of aging on self esteem and sexual performance. So to circumvent reteaching the public the medical community teamed up with the media and lied to you, America.

To alleviate the guilt of all these judgmental hypocrites, clever bullshit like “Low T” was invented so the average joe thought he was on some magic fountain of youth elixir, not just a run of the mill steroid user, which he is. The only difference is his dealer has an MD.

If you want to increase your testosterone the natural way use Rise and Swell. If you want to increase your testosterone legally and directly use one of our prohormone stacks!


Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside.  The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only.  All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.


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