Hydroxycitric Acid Helps with Short-Term Weight Loss

Muscled guy barcurlingHydroxycitric acid is a supplement often used for fat loss. It may help with weight loss, nutrient partitioning, and to increase the burning of fat for fuel. Some studies have shown that hydroxycitric acid is indeed an effective weight and fat loss aid, and others have found that it does not help much if at all.

A systematic review of 9 studies showed that hydroxycitric acid does make a difference in weight loss. While the difference in weight loss was statisically significant, it was so small that it probably does not have enough real-world significance to make hydroxycitric acid worthwhile to supplement with for weight loss.

While the evidence examined in the paper suggests that hydroxycitric acid does not help very much with weight loss, it may still help with fat loss and body composition which is what is really important. From the results here hydroxycitric acid apparently does not elevate metabolism or decrease caloric intake very much, but it still may enhance fat burning when an individual is already taking in a reduced amount of calories. Hydroxycitric acid probably won’t cause you to lose much scale weight, but don’t count it out just yet as a fat loss supplement.




Onakpoya I, Hung SK, Perry R, Wider B, & Ernst E. (2011). The Use of Garcinia Extract (Hydroxycitric Acid) as a Weight loss Supplement: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomised Clinical Trials. Journal of Obesity. 2011, 509038.

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