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man doing pushupsHydroxy nandrolone cypionate has been sold as oxabolone, steranabol, and steron. The base molecule, hydroxy nandrolone, has the nomenclature 4,17b-dihydroxyestr-4-en-3-one. Hydroxy nandrolone cypionate was sold before the passing of the Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2004, and is currently available (though not common) on the black market. The anabolic to androgenic ratio of this compound has been said to be 92/46 and 50/20. Regardless of which ratio you are looking at, hydroxy nandrolone is a fairly mild compound. Hydroxy nandrolone does not aromatize due to the added hydroxyl group. The hydroxyl group also prevents binding to the progesterone receptor, but unfortunately decreases androgen receptor binding as well. Hydroxy nandrolone is very versatile as it produces lean gains so it can be used during a cutting phase but still produces enough size gains to be useful during a bulking phase

Hydroxy nandrolone should be not be too harsh in terms of androgenic side effects as is is not very androgenic. The lack of estrogen conversion and progesterone receptor binding mean that it should be very low in terms of estrogenic side effects as well. Hydroxy nandrolone comes in injectable form as hydroxy nandrolone cypionate so liver stress is not a concern as it is with methylated oral steroids and prohormones.

One big downside of hydroxy nandrolone cypionate is that it comes in a concentration of 25mg/ml. With an effective weekly dose being at least 400 mg, one would need to inject at least 16 ml/week of total fluid. 16 ml is a incredibly large amount to inject at one time, so although steroids with cypionate esters are typically only injected once per week, hydroxy nandrolone cypionate would probably need to be injected every other day or every day to safely deliver an effective dose.

Hydroxy nandrolone is not legally available over the counter so it can only be purchased on the black market. In addition, it is not very common so it may be very difficult to find. For 100% legal prohormone options that are currently available over the counter, click here.


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