Keto Diet Made Simple Part 3


Continued from part 2

Missed part 1? look no further!

Whats With The Cancer?

Cancer responds to insulin and carbs like a fire responds to gasoline.  All the tasty treats feed the tumors growth. Carbs increase insulin and thats what insulin does: it’s one of the most powerful growth hormones. Studies have shown that the keto diet may cause tumor growth to cease or possibly shrink tumors.  This is particularly true for brain cancer, the brain runs on almost all carbs after all. An average of 70% of carbs consumed are burned as fuel by the brain.  The research suggests that while healthy neurons function on ketones the tumors do not. I’m sure this isnt a 100% type situation, but the data is good that this is an effective treatment.  It can be used with traditional methods as well, like surgery, chemo and radiation.   

So Enough With The Foreplay, Time For The Diet

Ideally get 80% of your calories from fat, even some saturated fat is fine.  Only 15% of your calories from protein and <5% of your calories from green veggies.  I know, I know; how?

Here are your basic foods, the only real rule is 0 carbs, ever. Green veggies are ok in minimal amounts but I would stick to Psyllium supplements for fiber for the first month until you’re safely keto adapted.  To bridge the gap until your body makes its own ketones there is 2 things which will easily convert to ketones, coconut oil, and MCT (made from coconut oil).  Cook with the coconut oil, don’t cook with the MCT oil, just pour it over the food to get extra fat in your diet.   

Super healthy food list:

Organic free range chicken

100% grass fed beef, bison

Wild Alaskan Cod

Wild caught salmon

MCT oil

Virgin Coconut oil

Organic Eggs

Uncured bacon


You can sub in any meat and oils, but the MCT and coconut oils will make your life less miserable the first 2 weeks.  


Here is a sample diet:  102g protein 10g carbs  178g fat  

(400cal from protein, 1600 cal from fat) (about 20% protein, 80% fat)

 Meal 1) 33 p 0c 48 f

Fry 3 eggs, 3 strips of bacon in 1 tbsp coconut oil

 Meal 2)  18p 0c 30f

Fry 3oz salmon in 1 tbsp coconut oil, drizzle 1 tbsp MCT oil over ½ cup steamed spinach

Meal 3) 18p 0c 37f

Fry 3oz bison steak in 1 tbsp coconut oil, drizzle 1 tbsp MCT oil over ½ cup steamed asperagus

 Meal 4) 33p 0c 48f

Fry 3 eggs, 3 strips of bacon in 1 tbsp coconut oil

Feel free to use as much seasoning as you want, preferably brands made with sea salt. Celtic sea salt is critical for your elemental and mineral support. Multivitamins and fish oil should be used as well.  
Monitor your progress by peeing on ketostix.  You can find them at any pharmacy.  If someone holds you down and forces carbs down your throat you can test your urine a few times over the next couple hours to see the impact the carbs had on your ketogenesis.  
If you have any questions ask me on the forum, I check it maniacally.

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