Keto Diet Made Simple Part 2

Continued from part 1


Cave people didn’t eat carbs.  C13 analysis of early human remains showed only 5% of their diets came from plants: the only source of carbs. Thus 95% of the early human diet came from animals: Protein and fat.  If you believe in evolution then the data suggests that we evolved eating protein and fat, not carbs.  There are no essential carbs; this means our bodies don’t need carbs to function.  


The Greatest Trick The Devil Ever Pulled,

Was Convincing The World He Didn’t Exist

Im sure some of you are concerned about meat and heart disease. Don’t be. There was a very complicated political agenda in the last century to promote grain consumption because it was heavily taxable.  The government funded very biased studies to trick doctors to endorse the government’s scheme to make money at the peoples expense.  The whole concept that red meat was unhealthy was from a study done in the 1970s involving “meat” by the tune of bologna and salami.  Horrible examples of meats if you ask me, more fat than protein, nitrate laden, processed, and pumped full of sodium.  The meats I advise are preferably organic, but any whole food will do.  I feel white meat chicken is the safest of the cheap meats, wild Alaskan cod and 100% grass fed buffalo are the best of the expensive.  


Still Not Convinced? Ok, Medium Core Science Time: Skip If You’re Prone To Nosebleeds

Saturated fat can increase LDL, what the public has been misled to believe is just a fancy term for cholesterol. It is actually a complex vehicle to carry many things, one of which is cholesterol.  Dietary cholesterol is critical for every cell in your body and is the precursor molecule to your sex hormones like our friend testosterone.  No cholesterol = no testosterone.  Diets of at least 30% fat have been correlated with increased testosterone production.  So how does the saturated fat cause LDL to raise? Well, testosterone causes HDL to decrease, and decreased HDL causes increased LDL. So indirectly saturated fat causes LDL to rise.  If you’re on this website you want higher testosterone, or you’re a woman.  Since women have an insignificant amount of free testosterone this relationship does not apply to them until after menopause.  

LDL gets caught in the arterial cracks caused by high blood pressure and inflammation.  Use sea salt and not normal NaCl salt and your blood pressure should be better, remove gluten and decrease inflammation. Since the Keto diet has no carbs and no processed foods you don’t have to worry about hidden sodium and gluten.  In the absence of scared arteries, LDL cleans and repairs your arteries, it doesn’t cause plaques.  I have photos of my keto dieters’ blood work showing them as the picture of health.  


Why Lie To America?

Because grain is cheap and easily produced, processed, and packaged. The government taxes it every step of the way. Thats how $1 worth of grain turns into $500 worth of lucky charms, so many pockets to line with money. Money stained with the blood of millions of diabetics.  And grain is where gluten comes from.  So it is in their best interest 2 fold to get you to turn your fear on meat, and stay eating grain.  That’s why they made the food pyramid, to get Americans to eat grain.  Thanks to the food pyramid we have an epidemic of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.  But the rich are richer!  

 Continued in part 3!

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