Keto Diet Made Simple Part 1

Want to have endless energy?  Lose fat while preserving muscle?  Improve a plethora of bodily functions?  Put your cancer in remission? Shoot laser beams out of your eyes? Well, maybe not the last part, but the ketogenic or Keto diet has some pretty amazing benefits.  

Ready For The Most Extreme Diet Challenge?

This is the black belt level diet. Its the willpower equivalent of breaking cinderblocks with your face; brutal, painful, but If you can do this have your middle name changed to Bad Ass!  


The Key Ideas

The Keto diet is as simple in concept as climbing Everest: 0 carbs….FOREVER.  The body makes ketones from fat for fuel.  Normally the brain is near exclusively fueled by carbs, but after the liver learns to make ketones from fat the brain runs on these ketones. For the first 2 weeks or so your in a perpetual hell: Hungry, angry, dizzy, miserable, with no brain power.  But after that you’re like a superhero. Endless energy as your body runs on fat for fuel and a ton of health benefits.  Food cravings vanish as you have no blood sugar or insulin fluctuations.  If you fall off the wagon… have to start all over!


My Experience owner, Muscle & Fitness writer, and Cytosport sponsored athlete Jamie Caporosso brow beat me into submission regarding this incredible approach to eating.  I myself haven’t tried it, as I’m a competitive bodybuilder and I need some carbs as all the top guys still use them, but I have had great success with my clients.  Of the few who could handle the strict lifestyle I have had one 63 year old woman lose 30 pounds in one month and her breast cancer went into remission.  One 51 year old woman drop from a size 6 to a size 2 after a year of not making progress while increasing her below the knee rack pull to 300 pounds. And one woman drop from a size 12 to a size 00 with the last few months being straight keto while increasing her leg press from 100 pounds for 20 reps to 500 pounds for 20 reps.  



The first step would be to try carb back loading: having all your carbs after you lift.  Flex magazine’s John Keifer is to my knowledge the originator of this. I myself eat this diet and have the majority of my hard lifting females and all my men on this.  In my experience you need carbs to grow and its impossible for me to digest 4000 calories a day with only fat and protein.  But for people who want to fight cancer and lose weight, or just live as healthy as humanly possible the keto diet is the way to go.

 Continued in part 2!

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