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Posing Suit Measurements

by Carmen Grange


When you get in competition shape, your body takes on a whole new form that you have never experienced before.  You will have more lean muscle mass than that of fat mass, and your skin will hold little water underneath of it.  Thus, your clothing will fit differently, and you must take that into account when you are purchasing your competition suit.  This applies especially to the ladies who have more surface area to cover with their suits than the men.  You don’t want your posing suit to be so small that it hardly covers your cracks and crevasses, nor do you want it to be so big that it takes away from the beauty in your muscularity.  Buying the perfect suit depends on multiple body measurements: if you have one custom made, your tailor will make these measurements for you, but if you are borrowing or purchasing a used suit, you’re on your own.  That’s why you must know how to properly take the measurements so that you may be able to make an educated decision on your next competition suit.


Things to consider:

  1. In prep, your body may change on a day to day basis.  Do not assume that the measurements you take today will be accurate in a few weeks.  You must assess how quickly your body is changing and make an educated guess as to future measurements.
  2. Having someone else take your measurements will be more accurate than doing them yourself.
  3. When taking your measurements, make sure that the tape is taut.  If you don’t hold it snug enough, your measurements will be off.


What to measure: *Image Below*

  1. Bust: measure the circumference around the widest part of the bust
  2. Waist: measure the circumference of the smallest part of your torso
  3. Hips: measure the circumference of the widest part of the glutes
  4. Torso: begin measuring from the top of the shoulder (between neck and deltoid) and let the tape measure fall anteriorly toward the floor.  Bring the tape measure through the legs, and up to the starting position at the shoulder.
  5. Rise: begin measuring from the center of your natural waistline, just below your navel and allow the tape measure to fall toward the floor.  Bring the tape measure through your legs, and back up to the center of your posterior waistline.
  6. Height
  7. Stage weight
  8. Cup size



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