How To Increase Testosterone Levels

The Best DAA product ever!

The Best DAA product ever!

Testosterone is the main hormone in men that make us men. It is very important for health reasons and cosmetic reasons alike. It is extremely important for sexual functioning and the health of your relationships. You’re probably wondering how to increase testosterone levels, aren’t you!

Many men mistakenly trust their primary care doctor to help them with their testosterone levels. What they don’t know is that western medicine does not have the field of andrology (study of men’s health and hormones) in medical school. All doctors in the United States must spend a minimum of 6 weeks on Obstetrics and Gynecology (study of women hormones and sexual functioning + pregnancy and birth), but absolutely NO REGARD is shown for men or their health. In fact, Most doctors don’t even know what steroids are! These terrible doctors think the debilitating drug prednisone is the same thing as testosterone. Nothing could be further from the truth! Point is most doctors learned about testosterone and steroids from a drug rep for androgel or testim and you know as much as he does if you watch the commercial on TV.

How To Increase  Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is a steroid hormone (that just means it is made from cholesterol not a protein). It’s good for you, not bad for you. Your body makes it so your not a woman with a penis, but an actual man! It does not cause health problems to take testosterone in the form of an injection or a prohormone when its used correctly at the appropriate dose, all the side effects come from the metabolites of testosterone: estrogen and DHT. DHT only causes hair loss, and only in some men, the men who were going to lose their hair anyway. Some people will try to scare you with talk of prostate cancer. Agian thats from the COMBINATION of DHT and Estrogen.

Most doctors under dose the patients and cause more trouble. The body notices the new REPLACEMENT testosterone and stops making its own! But the terrible doctor is providing too little testosterone and the patient (you) are worse off than if you never went to the doctor in the first place

To make matters worse, they not only mis prescribe it and under dose it, they don’t prescribe all the drugs you need to keep your balls from shriveling up. They do this on purpose; If they can fuck you up for life, you need  to have the prescription forever. So they intentionally don’t prescribe the HCG and anti estrogens to keep your testilcles while on androgel or injectable steroids, thus making you chemically dependant on your doctor to get errections for the rest of your life.

What’s worse? a Doctor who prescribes you medicine you don’t need that sterilizes you by accident? Or if he knew what he was doing, and did it to make some money? Both are rotten and that’s why I would do it myself.

How Do I Do It Myself?

The best way to replace your testosterone but not damage your testes is using 4 Andro to increase your testosterone levels in a replacement fashion like injectables but using Rise and Swell to protect your testes and only using the cycle 4-8 weeks. This is so safe and effective that no doctor would advise because there is no profit for the hospital and no bonus for them! Using just Rise and Swell to boost your natural testosterone production is the safest way of all.

Rise and Swell uses D-Aspartate (DAA) to drive up your bodies natural ability to produce testosterone. Nothing is as good as the real thing and nothing boosts natural testosterone as well as Rise and Swell!

Stacking Form XT with Rise and Swell will skyrocket those levels. Form XT has an AI which stops the Aromatase enzyme from converting testosterone to estrogen. This is VERY important. Why make a ton of testosterone if your body is just going to convert all excess testosterone into estrogen? Estrogen works by telling your body to not make more testosterone. So your body when it feels that testosterone is to high converts it to estrogen which stops more test from being produced, but what’s worse is estrogen is what causes all the side effects you hear about from ignorant towns folk and the news.

Testosterone has no side effects. All the side effects testosterone is blamed for are actually caused by estrogen. But since the only way a guy gets estrogen is from using too much testosterone, test is blamed for those side effects. By stopping testosterone from being converted to estrogen you remove all potential side effects. Of course this is assuming you’re on a reasonable dose, not an extreme dose a bodybuilder would use.

There are herbal methods of raising testosterone. The best combination of these herbs is found in Natadrol. Natadrol is a combination of Indian and Chinese herbal medicine for fertility. There are 2 natural testosterone boosters and one herb which mimics testosterone but doesn’t get recognized by the body as a foreign hormone. It also has an herb which helps with stress and bone and joint health and strength!


To increase your testosterone the most natural way possible use Form XT, Rise and Swell and Natadrol. I have the three bundled together right here in the Mind and Muscle Natural Stack.

For a prohormone testosterone replacement use 4 Andro with Rise and Swell and Form XT to get the very best results. Don’t forget to use From XT and Rise and Swell for 4 weeks after your done using 4 Andro so your hormones are at the highest natural level after your 4 Andro cycle.

For more on increasing testosterone check out my parent article Here!


Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside.  The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only.  All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.


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