How To Get A Harder Penis: Part 1

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How To Get A Harder Penis


Sorry ladies, this isn’t directions to find a more virile man. This article is about male sexual performance; how a guy can get his penis to grow to its maximum size and as hard as it can get.  

Anatomy and Physiology

 The male sexual response is surprisingly complicated.  After the physical or psychological arousal, the actual process of erecting the penis is rather complex.  The penis is not a muscle. Yes it fills with blood and gets a pump like a muscle but it isn’t actually a muscle. It is kind of like two long sponges in one plastic bag.  There is a contracted muscle at the base of the penis that stops blood from rushing in.  When a guy gets aroused sufficiently, Nitric Oxide (NO) is released and it causes a Cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate (cGMP) second messenger to be released in the cells of that smooth muscle. Now that the muscle releases the dam is open and blood floods into the penis. The sponge fills with blood, and because the sponge is encased in a bag, the surface of the bag gets hard as the filled sponge presses on the inside of the bag. Exactly like a plant stem, it is now turbid.  The vein that drains the bag is actually squeezed shut, trapping the blood in. Now normally the signal to stop releasing NO occurs once the penis is fully erect, and a Phosphodiesterase (PDE5) breaks down the cGMP. This all has the purpose of letting the penis drain so that you don’t get priapism: strangulation of the penis.  Now there is one depressing evolutionary mechanism: the refractory mechanism.  prolactin is released after you ejaculate to make you lose your erection. No, prolactin? no refractory period and male multiple orgasms can be achieved.  

So below I will detail what and how much to take with timing recommendations to keep the blood  flowing and inhibit PDE5 and ideally prolactin. In other words supplements for performing like a pornstar.

Yohimbine HCL

 As many of you know I LOVE yohimbine for helping women lose fat from their butts and thighs.  But you may not get why. Yohimbine is an Alpha 2 antagonist.  Basically it blocks the off switch for the sympathetic nervous system on a target tissue. Its like adrenaline booster on a specific tissue.  So an old mnemonic for remembering erection physiology is “Point and Shoot”,  parasympathetic system gives the erection, and the sympathetic causes the ejaculation. since adrenaline is the sympathetic neurotransmitter what this means is Yohimbine makes you ejaculate harder.  In addition it has a special ability to stop the signal which turns off the NO release in the penis, so after you have an erection you keep pumping blood into the penis and you ejaculate harder.  5 mg 30 minutes before show time is ideal, but continuous use over days and weeks makes it even more effective.  

Most of the products on the market have the bark.  850 mg of bark is approximately 5 mg of active ingredient.  Since Yohimbine is a adrenaline booster its going to have side effects like caffeine overdose if you take to much stims while on yohimbine.  Yes, if you take to much you can die.  


 Many of you take L-Arginine or L-citruline to act as a NO precursor every day before you lift.  And it does boost your NO production and pumps IF you need it. If your diet is high enough in these NO precursors its not necessary to be added and hasn’t been shown to help with erections.  However there is good data on stacking 6g L-arginine with 6g Yohimbine for men with erectile disfunction. Take it 15-30 minutes before play time.  


 In 1998 Viagra was a pioneer in a new class of drugs called Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors.  If you recall from my super boring physiology paragraph above PDE5 breaks down cGMP and that slowly causes you to lose your erection. So if you inhibit PDE5 with Viagra you will have a erection for longer. How much longer? After a few hours you have to go to the ER or have it cut off, that much longer in some cases. Dont play around with this stuff and if you do use a ¼ pill the first time. Different brands have different onset times and half lives so although you would use a fraction of the dose, still follow the pharmaceutical companies recommendations for when to take it.  

Horny Goat Weed

 Hey, if it works for Ron Jeremy then how can you knock it right?  Horny Goat Weed also known as Epimedium Sagittium has been proven to be a PDE5 inhibitor but it is only 10% as potent as Viagra and its constituents.  Additionally its only about 10% functional component Icariin.  So you need about 3 g and most preparations are WAY less.  But the upside is its legal without a prescription so if you can’t get Viagra, this is a good replacement assuming you use enough.  Dosing is the same as its pharmaceutical versions; 30-60 minutes before on average.

To be continued in How To Get A Harder Penis Part 2: The Erection Continues

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