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How To Become A Champion

A Champion believes in themselves when nobody else does. You have to have a desire to push all other things aside to pursue the goal you set for yourself. Being at the top comes with a great deal of sacrifice; it’s lonely at the top. It’s very rare air and very few people will ever breathe it. Some people think champions are born, not made. You have to have both the will and the skill to succeed. To be a champion, the will must exceed the skill. The hardest competitors to vanquish are those who have the will of a junkyard dog. They will fight right down to the last breath to come out on top. Those type of people are a nightmare to compete against because they force you to go where you don’t wan’t to go. That is the crucible that your spirit gets tempered in. Only when you have to dig into yourself and search in agony for that last ounce of energy will you understand what it takes to be a champion. That is when you know that your spirit is unbreakable. Your body may fail you, but your will and your mind wont. That is the true mark of a champion.

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Have A Dream

As children, we have dreams of what we will someday become. For me one day it was to be an astronaut, the next it was to be the Lone Ranger. As I got older, I was always wanting to be an athlete. I buried myself into sports and disregarded just about everything else. That was just how my mind worked. People used to hate playing against me because I would scrap hard. I was hard to beat not because I wanted to win but rather because I hated to lose. I would rather die than quit. If you beat me, you will know you have been in a battle because I will take my pound of flesh. I can be beaten as can anyone, but it will take incredible amounts of will power to overcome me. Why? Because I hate losing so much more than I like winning. I had a dream to win Golden Gloves and when I did, I was pretty much through with boxing. I love boxing, but that was my goal. I didn’t want to box pro. My dream in boxing was realized at 16 yrs old.


Set Goals

To be a champion, you need to set goals so that you have defined milestones along your journey to measure your progress. This tells you whether you are on the right path and are progressing at a strong pace. Your long term goal needs to be set in the stratosphere. Setting easy goals is useless. They should be achievable but have a lot of sacrifice attached to attain them. Setting substandard goals is akin to just going through the motions because it easier than trying hard. Goals should come with blood, sweat, and tears because those are what you will remember the most. This is a journey, not a destination. Enjoy the ride to the top; it’s usually a long and arduous trip. Buckle up because it will be a bumpy ride, but every bit of it will be worth enduring when you finally get to your destination.

Overcome Obstacles

A champion usually has many roadblocks on the journey to the top. Whether it be an opponent or circumstances, these obstacles will range from minor to monumental. A champion will find their way, around, over, or through anything that gets in their way. It may take some creativity, but where there is a will, there is a way. No success story comes with out the champion having to face adversity at some point on their journey. It is exactly how they deal with adversity that determines a great deal of how their dream unfolds. People who are easily discouraged are not cut out to be champions. The champion if often the person who is willing to get up time and again after being knocked down. That is how people succeed in becoming someone who is truly worth remembering.


Live Like A Champion

To be a champion you must act like a champion. Champions remain humble no matter their success. Too often people change when they reach their goal, they act as if they are better than others. A champion must never forget where they came from, or the journey to the top. Oscar DeLaHoya once remarked that it is hard to slide out of silk sheets at 5 am to do roadwork. The journey to the top is hard, but trying to stay there is even harder. Every challenge is the other persons best. People never overlook the champion so you get the “A” game of all your opponents. This is when intelligence, determination and humility become the most important qualities. People remember a gracious and kind person, not a loud mouth braggart. Live life like a champion, be kind, be courteous, be accessible to those who want to follow your foot steps.

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