Holidays - Be Prepared - Mind And Muscle

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. The holiday season is upon us and all the amazing foods it brings with – pumpkin pie, Christmas cookies, gravy, sweet potatoes, trick or treat candy…. And with that comes the cold.

Most people indulge and cover themselves in sweaters and layers of clothing. Easily can you gain a few pounds and not notice it. By the time the new year rolls around a lot of us set ourselves goals for 2017. How about losing weight?

You worked hard all spring and summer to look good and now, from October through December you’re going to just throw it out of the window? It’s okay to indulge and celebrate, but not all the time.

Plan it out. Plan on eating a lot on the days of celebration but plan on getting your workouts in and sticking to your mealplan at least 90% of the time. Keep track of your body, weigh yourself and take progress pictures. It would be too bad to lose all the progress you’ve worked so hard for.


Let yourself have a cheatmeal once a week but other than that, stick to the plan. Schedule your workouts in and plan your food out as well. If you need to bring a Tupperware of turkey or what not to a family dinner, they will understand.

  • Schedule your workouts in
  • Indulge maximum once a week
  • Don’t overeat to the max
  • Enjoy the holidays


And, if you went a little overboard, use a fat burner to cut – Hydroxy Elite.


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