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Sagittal view of fat distribution paterns

Sagittal view of fat distribution paterns

Bodybuilders who eat what is considered by medical professionals to be a high protein diet but increase their daily intake of protein to 3-4 g per kg bodyweight, will not become bigger or stronger. They do however, lose fat mass on a very high protein diet. These findings were released in a recent research study published in the International Society Of Sports Nutrition done by Jose Antonio sports scientist.

How Much Protein?

Current knowledge in nutrition says 1.5-2.0 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight is the perfect amount for optimal strength gain and muscle growth.

The Study On High Protein Intake

Researchers at Nova Southeastern University in Florida decided to see if increasing protein intake would lead to poor health. The experiment  involved 48 young, recreational bodybuilders over 8-weeks. All the participants had been training regularly for a at least few years and ate roughly 2 grams protein per kilogram bodyweight daily.

The researchers asked half of the subjects to continue consuming their normal diet, and they asked the other half to increase their protein intake a lot. but with as few other changes as they could.. The researchers let the subjects decide whether to increase their protein intake by using protein supplements or by making dietary changes.

The Results Of The High Protein Intake Experiment

The subjects who consumed the highest amount of protein didn’t build anymore lean body mass than the subjects who consumed less protein. So extremely high protein intake did not result in greater muscle growth.

The extreme protein intake did lead to a bigger decrease in fat mass. That’s interesting, because the bodybuilders in this group did consume about 400 kilocalories more than the other group. It seems that the extremely high protein intake boosted the resting energy expenditure. This information would more than likely throw the calorie is a calorie myth out he window. Fat loss isn’t a matter of simple thermodynamics.


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