Herbal SERMS

muscled guy standing infront of benchMuch like a football player needs to block to be effective, estrogen blockers get in front of the “real” estrogen in your body and stop its effects.  This is done by binding the estrogen receptor and doing nothing or having a weak effect.  Blocking raises testosterone because the body is unable to get the same effect from the estrogen blocker and thinks there is a shortage of estrogen then the body releases more LH to increase testosterone production.  This has a positive effect of not changing the body’s own estrogen levels, yet still increasing testosterone and is the preferred method of testosterone production.  The major problem is that estrogen blockers were either sold in the underground grey market, such as tamoxifen (trade name Nolvadex) or clomiphene (Clomid), or ineffective.  There are many natural estrogen blockers, both partial agonists (having a weak effect compared to estrogen) and antagonists (having no effect, yet still binding to the estrogen receptor), yet they all have problems with oral bio-availability.  That is the trick, finding new ways to deliver natural phytoSERMS.  They are there, but like the plant-based aromatase inhibitors, they need a better delivery system like sublingual or otherwise.


First extracted from wine, resveratrol makes an excellent SERM type product that has many other health promoting benefits like anti-aging and cardiovascular.  Resveratrol has been shown in studies to raise testosterone, block estrogen and increase LH.  The major problem with Resveratrol is the delivery system.  It is rapidly metabolized and excreted by the body, making it unlikely that oral doses ever get to have an anti-estrogen effect in the cells.  A new sub-lingual resveratrol is on the market and promises to increase the absorption of this amazing nutrient and has benefits for anti-aging and estrogen blocking.

Ellagic Acid

This extract of raspberries and pomegranate has true SERM-type effects. It has been studied to block estrogen, yet there is no data on it increasing testosterone.  Still, this is the only ingredient available to mimic the powerful effects of true SERMS (most others are ERM’s, meaning they are not selective).  Ellagic Acid also has anti-cancer effects, along with a host of other health benefits.   Ellagic Acid comes in many different strengths ranging from 40% (most common) to the highly potent 95% quality.  It is commonly found in raspberries, but can also be found in including raspberries, strawberries, cranberries, walnuts, pecans, pomegranates and other plant foods.


Daidzein is a metabolite of soy that has weak estrogenic activity.  This is a classic partial agonist, meaning it has some estrogenic activity, but is nowhere near as potent as the estrogens in the body.  This will have the effect of making the body increase LH while still having the benefits of estrogen in the body without being 100% devoid of estrogenic activity. This is good for both men and women.


All of the flavones in sports supplements are usually rapidly metabolized and have a variety of effects.  They have not shown over multiple products to be able to actually do anything to boost testosterone.  These products have a variety of modifications. Hydroxy-Flavone and Methoxy-Flavone derivatives are on the market but they have not proven to be useful in real world examples.

Anti-Estrogens: Herbal SERMS

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