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Steroids and even some prohormones can cause minor or major problems with your heart and cardiovascular system. It’s important for all people to consider heart health when dealing with their supplement program. The heart is the most important organ next to the brain, so it’s critical that people who use steroids and prohormones protect their heart from damage and stress. A good supplement program with a healthy diet will go a long way in helping reduce arterial damage. Of course nothing in this article should be considered medical advice. Check with a health care practicioner prior to any supplement or exercise program.

Causes Of Heart Disease

The first major symptom of heart issues is high blood pressure. Almost nothing is more damaging to your heart health than chronic high blood pressure. Blood pressure is regulated by many factors but one of the major ones is estrogen. Classic “dry” steroids and prohormones can certainly cause blood pressure to rise. The dry prohormones are epiandro, 1-Andro and 11-keto-andro. These can all cause slight increases in blood pressure. Illegal steroids such as Oxandrolone, Oxymetholone, Trenbolone and other steroids that don’t convert to estrogen can certainly cause blood pressure to increase.

Blood pressure can be lowered by using something that converts to estrogen on cycle like 4-Andro or Testosterone and additionally things that help increase NO should in theory cause the blood vessels to relax. The estrogen issue is why many people like to use a base of a “wet” hormone or steroid in addition to a dry one. I suggest a 2:1 ratio (2 parts dry to 1 part wet) which would mean for example 200mg 1-Andro to 100mg 4-Andro.

The second major issue with heart disease is from oxidized cholesterol and triglycerides. Cholesterol is not bad for us but when it high heat and air are combined with it, it becomes a very destructive artery damaging oxidized version. Triglycerides are fats that have artery damaging indicators, so it’s important to keep both of these down to reasonable levels.

The third and final pathway for arterial damage is through homocystine, which is a molecule that can cause arterial damage. Homocystine is caused by increased metabolic processes and external factors such as diet and smoking along with many others.

So, for the bodybuilder, it is important to watch your heart because often we put extreme pressure on the heart and it’s important to make sure that we keep these factors in check to keep the heart healthy.

Supplements for Heart Health

There are some basic supplements that everyone should be using for heat health. To keep the side effects of steroids and prohormones in check it’s important to have the right support supplements on hand.

Blood pressure can be kept in check using supplements like pomegranate extract, high gamma vitamin E and other supplements like grape seed extract. Here at mind and muscle we sell a pump product that is also good for keeping blood pressure in check it’s our “PUMP” capsules. They will also help lower blood pressure by making more NO in the blood stream.

Pump Matrix 60 Tablets

For cholesterol and triglycerides it’s best to take a good fish oil supplement or even better is a good krill oil supplement. Krill oil has phospholipids along with astaxanthin which both can help to lower bad cholesterol levels and keep the blood thinner. Other nutrients for removing fats from the bloodstream are vitamin C, high gamma vitamin E and CoQ10. All of these anti-oxidants can help offset the negative effects of a poor diet. CoQ10 is probably the most important and a good Krill Oil supplement because they both strengthen the heart and prevent strokes along with reducing aging. We sell a Krill Oil supplement and a CoQ10 supplement. These two are essential for any bodybuilders who are looking to keep in peak health.

CoQ10 Heart

Krill HDL

Finally if you want to keep homocystine levels down which can lead to anxiety, mental fogginess and loss of arterial health, you will want to take a supplement high in folic acid, B6 and B12. These important nutrients are found in most multi-vitamins but you can also supplement with them directly. Homocystine causes inflammation and arterial damage and is something that needs to be kept in check considering

Basic Supplements For Heart Health:

Multi-Vitamin – A good one with high B vitamins and natural vitamin E.
Magnesium – 500mg per day
Potassium – 200mg (elemental) per day
Fish Oil – 4 soft gels per day
Lecithin – 4 soft gels per day

Blood Pressure Support:

Pycnogenol – 100mg per day
Pomegranate 30% punicalagins – 400mg per day

Stroke Support:

Kril Oil – 2 softgels per day
High Gamma Vitamin E – 200iu per day

Heart Support:

CoQ10 Ubiquinol – 50mg per day
Propynyl L-Carnitine / Acetyl L-Carnitine – 1000mg per day

High Homocystine:

Folic Acid – 2000mcg per day
B6 – 300mg per day

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