HCG Steroid Recovery - Mind And Muscle

HCG or “human chorionic gonadotropin” is a drug that is used usually by women to induce ovulation.  It signals the body to produce a cascade to produce eggs from the ovaries.   In males this same drug can be used to signal the testes to produce testosterone by signaling the leydig cells to produce testosterone.   HCG is highly effective since it has direct action on the testicles.


HCG comes in a dry powder that is in a vial.  Bacteriostatic water is used to “reconstitute” the powder and then it is drawn out with an insulin needle.  Yes, that means you need to “shoot” HCG in order to use it.  Many people find this distasteful, but there is no other way to take HCG and have it be effective.  The injections are typically done subcutaneous in the belly or in the fat of the arm.

The typical dose of HCG is about 1000iu per day but some take as high as 1500iu in a day.  It is also done for five days on and two days off to avoid the “burn out” syndrome where the leydig cells lose sensitivity.  That is the true danger with HCG, that the leydig cells desensitize to the drug (and your natural version of it called luteinizing hormone) because you could have testosterone production issues for a very long time if you use too much HCG.

With HCG, a little goes a very long way, so be sure not to over do it because many a bodybuilder didn’t take this advice and ended up screwing themselves up for months or years by injecting too often or too much.  This isn’t like a steroid cycle, where you can take some extra for good measure.


HCG is effective but it doesn’t hit all areas of the testosterone making process. That’s the one fatal flaw with most testosterone boosting agents, they simply keep pushing on the same LH pathway, hoping more testosterone will be released.

Imagine though that the whole system is like a car.  You can’t just keep pushing harder on the gas and keep gaining speed.   Eventually you floor the car and you won’t go any faster without making improvements to the other area’s of the car, like the engine.  So, in this article we can show you how to take some other co-factors that help push HCG even farther.

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate (LC-LT) – this helps make testosterone more effective in the muscle cells, so you get a greater boost in testosterone activity.

Ginger Root – this helps increase STaR protein in the cells which turns more cholesterol into testosterone.

Calcium Lactate – this also signals the testicles to make more testosterone.

Also, eat lots of cholesterol from good sources.  Hard boiled or eggs over easy make the best proteins to eat because the cholesterol is protected from oxygen, keeping it perfectly in tact for the testes to do their job.


Real HCG is pretty tough to find.  It also degrades quickly when exposed to heat and light. Luckily there are some natural supplements that mimic the effects of HCG in the body.  The best and most famous one is D-Aspartic Acid, unfortunately not any D-Aspartic Acid will do, you need the D-Aspartate form which isn’t easy to find.  Make sure you find specifically that type.  Other herbs like Longjack, Fagodia and Curculigo also act like HCG.


Rise and Swell is a liquid labs product that is sold to replace HCG.  Many experienced “juice heads” are calling this your ball’s “fountain of youth”.   It contains a healthy dose of LC-LT, Ginger Root Extract and also both D-Aspartic Acid and Calcium Lactate.   When you combine these with Yohimbine and Agmatine, you get a product that will pump up your balls and give you the fullness that you had before your first cycle!

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