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girlsStimulants: Halostachine, also known as N-methylphenylethanolamine, is an extract of the plant halostachys capsica. Halostachine was first introduced to the supplement market by Advanced Muscle Science in their fat burner Vapor-XT. Vapor-XT is currently the only supplement containing halostachine, so it is a relatively new ingredient.

Advanced Muscle Science claims that this new ingredient works similarly to ephedrine in burning fat. Fat loss drugs like ephedrine and clenbuterol are beta adrenergic receptor agonists, meaning that they stimulate the beta receptors which are found on fat cells. This stimulation causes fat to be released to be burned as energy. One paper that examined adrenaline and compounds similar in structure to adrenaline noted that halostachine is indeed a beta adrenergic receptor agonist with properties similar to adrenaline. Halostachine was found to be about 19% as effective as adrenaline in stimulating cAMP accumulation as a result of beta agonism. Shown below are the structures of adrenaline, halostachine, and ephedrine.



Adrenaline is known to be the master hormone of fat burning in the body, and beta agonism is a typical and effective approach to increasing fat loss. Halostachine may be a good replacement for fat burning ingredients like ephedrine, so look for more fat burning products in the future that include this new ingredient as a part of their blend.



Liapakis G, Chan WC, Papadokostaki M, & Javitch JA. (2004). Synergistic contributions of the functional groups of epinephrine to its affinity and efficacy at the beta2 adrenergic receptor. Molecular Pharmacology. 65(5), 1181-90.

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