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Prohormones: Halodrol

Halodrol was a new prohormone released after the 2004 ban by Gaspari Nutriton. This compound is supposed to convert to the steroid Oral Turinabol (OT) through the actions of 3-beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase. The presence of the 4-chloro group partially inhibits this conversion so little OT is actually produced. The 4-chloro group also inhibits the conversion to estrogen and results in less potent 5-alpha reduced metabolites being produced. The rule of thumb is that diols convert at about 10-20%.

The prohormone alone may have some small intrinsic activity and if large enough doses are taken then one may see results similar to OT, however, since the prohormone is methylated, such large doses would be quite toxic to the liver. This product was originally contaminated with significant quantities of DMT but has since been cleaned up.

Though reports on this prohormone vary, most are indicating that higher doses are needed to see any anabolic effect. Doses up to 100 mg per day are not uncommon but since this product is methylated, higher doses increase the risk of liver toxicity. Even a dose of 100 mg per day with a ten percent conversion would only result in a dose of 10 mg of OT being produced. For comparison, women in the East German program of doping were taking 20 mg per day.

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HDRL_Comparison To Halodrol
We believe Halodrol 50 is illegal to sell thus we sell the closest legal prohormone available to Halodrol.  It has many of the benefits of Halodrol 50 without the side effects like liver damage. 

Halodrol is a mild prohormone that doesn’t give massive gains in mass or strength.  Halodrol was in fact so weak that Gaspari Nutriton either intentionally or unintentionally spiked the original production run with 25mg of DMT to give it some potency.  While we will never know of the original Halodrol 50 was spiked on purpose, it is assumed that someone had a hand it in because the tablets had exactly 25mg of DMT along with 25mg of 4-chloro-androsta-1,4-diene-3,17-diol.  Thus you can see that it’s just not potent enough to be worth the side effects.

The 4-Chloro structure often weakens the parent steroid and this is most likely the case with Halodrol 50.  Halodrol 50 is still available on some sites, but you are likely to find some fakes because it is so old.

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