Hair Loss Remedies For Prohormone Use - Mind And Muscle

Hair ImageHair loss worry is near and dear to the hearts of many men.  Most guys shy away from prohormones because  Baldness, once acquired is almost impossible to reverse, so the best thing to do is to stop it in it’s tracks prior to being a cue ball.  Bald men are seen as less attractive and many men have extreme stress and anxiety over losing hair.

If you want to understand hair loss, you will have to realize that the entire mechanism isn’t 100% understood and there are many theories on hair loss.


Hair loss is not fully understood.  There are several theories that people attribute to hair loss in men.  The most prevalent theory is that DHT (dihydro-testosterone) is responsible for hair loss.  DHT is a metabolite of Testosterone that is often misunderstood.  DHT in normal concentrations helps burn fat, regulate erections and also improves mood.  In the hair follicle it causes the closing of the hair follicle, which leads to thin hair and then the loss of growth.

Hair loss has also been attributed to an immune system disorder, which causes the body to attack the hair cells.  This causes cell death and an obvious thinning of the hair.

Estrogen has also been shown to aggravate hair loss when paired with DHT.  Many think that like the prostate, estrogen is the main factor in causing hair loss when paired up with DHT.  The combination of too much estrogen and too much DHT can accelerate hair loss in men and women.


There is always a question on what prohormones cause hair loss and which ones are easy on the hairline.  Here they are in order of best to worst on the hairline:

1 = lowest side effect on hair

  1. 6-Keto-Progesterone – this compound is 100% anabolic with zero androgenic side effects, which makes it the safest prohormone for your hairline.
  2. 19NorDHEA – this compound converts to nandrolone and DHN (opposed to DHT).  DHN has about half the androgenic value of DHT, which means in the target tissue it will reverse the effects of DHT.
  3. 1,4-OHP – this compound converts to boldenone which is very easy on the hair line.
  4. 1,4-DHEA – this compound also converts to boldenone which has almost no effect on the hair.
  5. 1-DHEA – this compound is very strong but doesn’t seem to have a strong effect in the hair which means it’s one of the best prohormones all around.
  6. 5a-OHP – this compound converts to DHT but seems to also antagonize DHT in the hair, making it safe for the hair line.
  7. 4-DHEA – this compound converts to testosterone and then to DHT and estrogen which means it can possibly make hair loss symptoms worse on two fronts.
  8. 5-DHEA – this compound has estrogenic and androgenic effects naturally which means it can cause hair loss issues for those men who are already balding.
  9. EpiAndrosterone – this compound converts directly to DHT and can cause hair loss issues for those that are prone.  It does make you strong as an ox though…

That’s a run down of the prohormones on the market and their effects on hair.  There are many combinations you can create knowing these facts about each prohormone.


There are some items you can take for hair loss while on a cycle of prohormones.  These go from prescription to over the counter.

Propecia – this drug inhibits 5aReductase, which prevents testosterone from converting to DHT.  It also seems to have a lasting effect in the body. You can get this drug from your doctor.

Nizoral – this is a shampoo that will help clear DHT and estrogen from the follicles and can have a good effect over the course of a month.  You can buy this over the counter.

Rogaine (Monoxidil) – this topical hair growth product is available over the counter and can regrow hair over the course of  month, especially combined with the other remedies.

Saw Palmetto – this is a natural version of propecia and also seems to have an effect at the receptor.  It works, but you have to take high doses to be effective.


Remember that prohormones won’t have the same effect on the hair that juice does.  Most people won’t get any side effects from prohormones but there is always a possibility.   Make sure you stop using prohormones if you have any side effects and load up on the hair prevention products if you think you have an issue.


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