H-Drol Review and Side Effects - Mind And Muscle

H-Drol Review : H-Drol is the name of the oral steroid originally sold as Halodrol-50. This steroid can be found under the nomenclature 4-chloro-17a-methyl-androst-1,4- diene-3-17b-diol, and it is actually a prosteroid to the illegal steroid Turinabol. H-drol is known for putting on lean mass without a significant amount of bloat which makes it great for both cutting and bulking cycles. Overall this is a mild prohormone, so while it will not put huge amounts of mass on you it can build solid mass that is more easily retained then mass gained with more extreme prohormones such as M-Drol.

The Issues with H-DROL

The major problem with H-Drol is that it doesn’t give you huge mass gains but still has the liver damaging and cardiovascular damaging effects of other chemically altered steroids without the quick gains.  H-Drol is an illegal steroid and thus it shares almost all of the same negative qualities except the massive gains from something like M-Drol.  H-Drol has a 1,4-diene structure which means mass gains will be mild (while it will seem to increase hunger) and is similar to Boldenone in effects.


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H-DROL is illegal for us to sell, thus we sell the closest legal prohormone to H-DROL which we believe is better for your health and also helps keep prohormone supplements legal.

H-DROL, a Milder Prohormone

Because H-Drol is a mild prohormone certain side effects such as lethargy and lower back pumps will be less. H-Drol also does not appear to cause any estrogen related issues because it is non-aromatizing. The 1,4 diene structure causes lessened effects in hair loss and estrogen side effects.  Thus both hair loss and gynocomastia (bitch tits) seem to be non-existent for this steroid.

H-Drol is generally viewed as milder than other chemically altered prohormones, versatile, and a good choice for either bulking or cutting. While this is true, there are still risks involved and anyone considering a cycle of H-Drol should absolutely be aware of the possible side effects and be sure that they are in good health before beginning the cycle. A cycle of H-Drol generally yields a noticeable amount of lean mass, most of which will be retained in the weeks following the cycle which makes it a popular choice among other over the counter prohormones. H-Drol is used on either a cut or bulk and should provide consistent results of 7-12lbs in a 4 week cycle.

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