Pro wrestlers like the Rock use sloppy wet cycles which give almost as much female as male hormones, hence the GYNO. This look is the classic “shitty cycle” look you get from Deca, D-bol, and Anadrol.

This is an informal discussion about the phenomenon know as bitch tits, moobies, or gyno. Gynecomastia is a medical condition where a man grows boobs. Many bodybuilders think its a side effect of steroid use but that is an inaccurate oversimplification.


Breast tissue responds to multiple hormonal signals. Breasts are composed of mostly glands and fat. There are estrogen receptors, progesterone receptors, and prolactin receptors in the breast. Estrogen binding to its receptors in the breast causes the tissue to grow. Prolactin binding to the glandular tissues causes milk to be released. Aside from a prolactin secreting tumor the only way you see prolactin issues is with Tren.

degrees of gynecomastia, don't wait until its a real problem, get your form -xt as soon as you get to stage 2

degrees of gynecomastia, don’t wait until its a real problem, get your form -xt as soon as you get to stage 2

Gyno occurs in 3 normal populations:

*In newborns gyno develops from the estrogen in the mothers milk. This estrogen binds to the breast tissue and causes fatty tissue and glandular tissue to develop.

*In adolescence teenage boys develop gyno for about 18 months when their estrogen to testosterone balance is off in favor of estrogen.

There is no way this is from steroids, this guys bitch tits are from just being plain old fat.

There is no way this gyno is from steroids, this guys bitch tits are from being just plain old fat.

*In the older adult, testosterone decreases as you age, this decrease in testosterone shifts the balance towards estrogen. This causes more fat to accumulate. The fat converts some of the remaining testosterone into estrogen. And the downward spiral continues as the person gets more obese, they make more estrogen from testosterone, and the estrogen stops LH production causing even less testosterone to be produced.

In all three of these main examples of the development of gyno the core concept is that estrogen is to high for the amount of testosterone present and feminization occurs. As any one gains fat they will shift their balance away from testosterone and to estrogen. This causes one to get soft and wet over time as they replace muscle with fat and water. Breast tissue is fat and water.

AS you can see, even in the absence of fat, glandular breast tissue is ugly on a man

As you can see, even in the absence of fat, glandular breast tissue is ugly on a man. As an NPC judge I grade down harshly for this.


Any steroid or prohormone that can convert to estrogen, bind to the estrogen receptor, or do similar with progesterone and prolactin may cause gyno.


Just regular plain old testosterone is one of the main culprits for gyno. Its not the fault of the testosterone per se, but its metabolite estrogen. 20% of free testosterone is converted into estrogen by Aromatase. This is a CYP enzyme. One way that physicians fix gyno is by prescribing an AI or Aromatase inhibitor like anastrozole or Form XT. This can reduce the conversion rate down to 10% which is effectively doubling the Test : Est ratio. Remember, its the ratio not the absolute values of the hormones which matter.

One way that Doctors cause gyno is the prescription of a 5 alpha reductase inhibitor like finasteride. The enzyme converts testosterone to DiHydroTestosterone (DHT). DHT functions differently than testosterone but still binds to the androgen receptor. Its role is to counter balance the estrogen made from testosterone. It typically does the opposite of whatever estrogen does. By inhibiting its production, you stop DHT from decreasing aromatase activity, and thus increase conversion to estrogen. This decreases the test: est ratio and gyno could develop.
Why block the 5AR enzyme? DHT’s only real side effect is hair loss. Those genetically predisposed to hair loss will lose their hair slower if they reduce their DHT levels. So to save their hair, some men are using medication which gives them breasts.

I could talk for days on the subject and all the synergistic ways a subtle shift can have a momentous impact. All you need to know is as DHT or testosterone decreases, estrogen increases. And as estrogen increases, DHT and testosterone decreases. However the opposite is true so to correct gyno simply increase DHT, or increase testosterone without increasing estrogen. Or you can decrease estrogen which will indirectly increase testosterone. Capice’?

It makes no difference if your testosterone comes from a needle or from your scrotum, gyno is not caused by steroids, its caused by an imbalance in test:est due to the steroid user not being very good at steroid use.

The guys who drive for Nascar are better drivers than your grandmother. They are safe on the road with a dangerous car, your grandma isn’t. Likewise with a intelligent knowledgeable physician’s cycle you stand a good chance of having side effect free results. If you listen to the bald guy at the gym who is covered in acne with a huge gut and boobs about how you should run a cycle then you deserve what you get. Thats just stupid. Darwin award! if you make decisions that dumb you probably shouldn’t be reproducing anyway.



The T-Rex of steroids, Tren, despite being dry and not converting to estrogen causes gyno. Tren causes prolactin to be released and it is a partial agonist for the progesterone receptor. In other words, it doesn’t convert into the main female hormone, but it causes the effect of the other two. Prolactin shuts down natural test and causes impotence, so Tren is a double edged sword for some. Use the Acetate not the Enanthate version. It is way way shorter half life so if you get impotence or gyno the symptoms will resolve days after you stop instead of months like enanthate.   If your on Tren and you get symptoms, you’re better off decreasing your dose and filling in the gap with a legal DHT prohormone like Epiandro. This will dry you out like the DHT function of tren without the wet effects of the prolactin secretion or the progesterone receptor binding.

This guy did it right. He had bitch tits from being way to fat in his offseason for any sensible reason, but shredded down to look fucking perfect without any moobies.

This guy did it right. He had bitch tits from being way to fat in his offseason for any sensible reason, but shredded down to look fucking perfect without any moobies.



Nandrolone is the good twin to tren. It is notorious for shutting down natural test production but it also converts to estrogen and does not convert to DHT. Think of is as in-between tren and test with a 5AR built in. Normally deca lasts in your system for up to a year, so if you do get gyno or impotence then you have an uphill battle reducing them as the deca is still in your body and you have to take a ton of rescue drugs to competitively inhibit the deca. With Decavol, a prohormone which converts to deca, the active drug is out of your system in days! so simply stopping Decavol will reverse the side effects IF you get them. Most people do not get side effects unless they overdose.


Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside. The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only. All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise. Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.

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