Gym Etiquette - Mind And Muscle

A lot of girls tend to get anxious when going to the gym by themselves. I will take my time to share a few tips for gym etiquette that I’ve learned over the course of my year of bodybuilding

1 – Respect the Headphones

If someone is wearing headphones, don’t talk to them. If they want to talk to you they will make an effort to take them out or try approaching them after the workout.

2 – Wipe Machines

“I don’t sweat” – yes you do. Wipe the machines down, it’s to avoid spreading germs and disease.

3 – Rack ‘em up

Please put the weights back. If you can lift them for 4 sets and 20 reps you can lift them back on the rack.

4 – Mind the Mirror

Yes, gym selfies may be necessary to keep you motivated and track the process. But, the reason for mirrors in the gym is to help people with their form so don’t cross in front of someone lifting and watching their form in the mirror.

5 – Get in the zone

Focus on yourself. It may be easy to get distracted by the girl in the tight booty shorts or the guy with the cut off, regardless, you’re here to better yourself. Focus on yourself.

6 – Share

Sharing is caring. If there’s a ton of people at the gym be polite and let people work in with you. Supersets mean using two machines back and forth, don’t occupy them, share.

7 – Ask

If something is unclear, ask. Whether you’re unsure on how to perform an exercise or if it’s about sharing weights with someone, just ask.

I hope this helps out. Get your workouts in over these holidays and put the extra calories to good work.



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