Get Muscle 101: how to gain muscle mass fast!

guy with muscleAlmost everyone in the gym is looking for how to gain muscle fast. Whether you are seeking to look your best at spring break or just want to see immediate changes, there’s a way. Different factors may be keeping you from achieving that muscle you want. These factors include bad diets to environmental estrogens that throw off your testosterone to estrogen ratios. Here are some easy steps to take to get big!

1. Eat More Calories To Gain Muscle Fast

Nutrition is just as important as training when training to get muscle. Eating your body-weight in lbs x 20kcal should be sufficient to gain muscle fast without packing on fat. That’s 3000kcal/day at 150lbs.

  • Always Eat Breakfast! Get calories from hour one during the day.
  • Eat a Post-Workout Meal. Make sure you have sufficient protein and carbohydrates to fuel your muscles from the damage in the gym for anabolism.
  • Meals every three Hours. Having consistent nutrition gives you a faster recovery. Remember, the body cannot store protein! Eat at least six meals a day.
  • Snack As You Go. Nuts, protein shakes, Greek yogurt, dried fruit, etc….

2. Make Sure Your Calories Are From Dense Sources

  • Whole Milk. A quick way to gain muscle quick is to drink a gallon of milk per day. It’s an added ~2300kcals per day with enough protein, fat and carbs to turn your normal diet into a mass gain diet.
  • Beans/Legumes. High protein, slow burning carbs with fiber! A win/win/win!
  • Peanut Butter. Natural peanut butter provides ~600kcals, 25g prot, 50g fat per 100 grams. You can also try mixed nuts for on the go. Whenever you’re sitting on the couch, open up a jar and grab a spoon!
  • Pastas.  100g of pasta is ~400kcals. If you are a fan of higher carb diets then this is for you. Carbs are also very effective post workout for recovery when training to get muscle.

3. Add MORE Protein To Gain Muscle Fast.

You need an average of between 1-1.5 grams of protein per day and 1.5-2grams per day when you are training to get muscle. Also any legal prohormone cycle will be wasted if it’s not accompanied with enough protein

  • Red Meats.  Beef, steak, pork, lamb, duck, deer…
  • Poultry. Chicken, duck, turkey, quail…
  • Fish. Salmon, tuna, tilapia, mackerel…
  • Eggs. Chicken or ostrich
  • Dairy. Greek yogurt, milk, cottage cheese
  • Nuts. Protein, healthy fats. Enough said!
  • Protein Shakes. Whey, Casein, Egg, Pea, etc. Get the best protein available today here!

4. Stick To The Free Weights When Looking To Get Muscle.

By using free weight you are also building your stabilizer muscles. This means more muscle stress and essentially more growth. Strength gains made on machines typically doesn’t transfer to free weights; lack of stabilizers means lack of balance and control.

5. Perform Compound Movements/Exercises When Looking To Gain Muscle

Unless you have a solid foundation, isolation exercises shouldn’t be your focus. When starting a routine is better and more efficient to work muscle groups together.

  • Instead of Bicep Curls: Pull/Chin ups, Barbell rows
  • Instead of Tricep Extensions: Bench press, Dips, Overhead Press
  • No Legs Extensions or Smith Machines! Squats and dead-lifts are beyond words better!

6. The Right Supplements Can Make You Go From Average Joe to Elite Pro On Your Get Muscle Quest!

*Creatine Pre-Workout. Creatine, along with other stimulants, increases your ATP which allows for more reps and additional stamina. When you begin to feel “the burn” your body is signaling for your muscle to grow. Pre-workout formulas are designed to push you through each
workout and give you the endurance to keep going when you wouldn’t quit. Get the best creatine available here!

*Prohormones/ Andro.  Men are being constantly exposed to environmental estrogens which create hormonal imbalances are create havoc on the body. Chemical such as BPA in water and in plastic bottles, pesticides, and parabens in soap can cause these problems. Additionally, as men age, each year the testosterone levels significantly reduce naturally. If you are older than 21, you may use DSHEA Legal prohormones to increase your testosterone and act against the environmental poisons. For men under 21 or in a drug tested sport, you may try natural test boosters like the ones found here!

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