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Genetics And Muscle Growth

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard the word genetics thrown about in regard to developing a physique. People will always say “he has great genetics” or “he has genetically weak ______ .” So what exactly do genetics and muscle growth have to do with you? If you compete or just work out to stay in shape, you need to understand genetics do play a role in your results. But to what extent do they matter and what effect will they have? Well, if both your parents are short and slight of build, the NBA might not be your calling card. Conversely, if your parents are north of 6 feet tall and large framed, you may have to hang up your dream of being a jockey at the Kentucky Derby. That being said, genetics are a limitation, but they aren’t an excuse! You can still play basketball to the best of your ability or ride horses with fervor, just not at the elite level. Elite level at any endeavor takes hard work and good genetics.  To be the best, you need both. There is a saying “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” Most people who achieve high levels are varying degrees of talent(genetics) and hard work. Hard work however is a must to truly achieve your potential.

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Genetics And Muscle Growth: Limiting Factors

Studies have shown that some people respond well to strength training, some barely respond, and yet others don’t respond at all. Read that again; some people get no noticeable results. These people would be deemed a non-responder to the weight training. Results you see in the gym are very dependent on the the ability of satellite cell-mediated myonuclear addition. WHAT IS THAT? In simple terms, your muscles will not grow unless muscle fibers are surrounded by satellite cells that can donate their nuclei to your muscle cells so they signal the cells to grow. Sounds daunting right? To add to this, people who respond best have the ability to create even more satellite cells. Seems almost unfair right? Lets get one thing straight, everyone has issues with genetics that we have to deal with. Some of us get fat easier than others. Some of us are lean but what I call “skinny fat.” Some have problems building muscle, and some have lagging body parts on muscular physiques. Some poor individuals have all these bad things in one package. I feel for them! Let’s get this straight right now, nobody has perfect genetics!

Coming soon! Myostatin inhibitor from Liquid Labs

Coming soon! Myostatin inhibitor from Liquid Labs

Genetics And Muscle Growth: What Can You Do?

When it comes to muscular development, the only way to find out what works the best is through trial and error. For this to work, you need to be methodical in your approach. You need to try different things and document over time what works best. Being methodical in your record keeping is a must too. Once you hone in on what works, make small tweaks until you get each and everybody part mastered. Nutrition comes next. There is a new field in nutrition called nutrigenetics that focuses solely on how foods affect genetic expression. Quite literally, you are what you eat. When certain foods with certain active compounds are ingested, they cause up or down regulation of certain genes. The future science will help us to understand what foods trigger what responses, thus giving us a peak into how to make out bodies operate efficiently based solely on what foods we eat. In the meantime, find out how your body best responds to food to create the look you want. For fat loss, 70% of people do better limiting carbohydrate intake to some degree. For size gain, eat plenty of carbohydrates and an adequate amount of protein. You must also discover how well you recover. That will dictate how often you can train and also how much food you can intake to maximize the ability to reach your goals. Remember, genetics may limit you but they can’t stop you from being the best possible you.

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