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Alpha Mass: Cutting Edge Prohormone

Forerunner Labs has always tried to push the envelope with cutting edge products. They set out set out to produce the most potent muscle builder legally available by today’s laws. They settled on  1-DHEA, the powerful 1-Testosterone prohormone called Alpha Mass.

To make it the best available prohormone on the market, there needed to be tweaks to the 1-DHEA molecule. To avoid making the same old 1-DHEA that everyone else uses, modifications were in order . So they needed to improve on an already great hormone. The result of this is Ultra 1-DHEA!


Old Molecule, New Twist

Ultra 1-DHEA is the driving force of Alpha Mass, promoting lean gains and raw strength. By using a unique lymphatic delivery system, Ultra 1-DHEA absorption is increased and therefore leads to a biological efficiency about 80% higher.
They didn’t stop there even though they already had a very good product. Who wants a good product when you can make a great product. Lymphatic absorption is limited to approximately 5-15%, so a vast majority of the molecule is degraded during the first pass metabolism.

To get around this issue, they used Berberine and Rhizoma Coptidis, decreasing the enzymes that break down 1-DHEA. These two can increase bioavailability of other compounds by roughly 20%.

They also added added cobalt to Alpha Mass. Cobalt decreases the enzymes that break down 1-DHEA, further improving the bioavailability of the 1-DHEA molecule. Cobalt also causes a dramatic increase in the oxygen supplied to your muscles allowing you to train harder and longer!

Unique Delivery System

To ensure Ultra 1-DHEA is stable once it reaches the GI Tract(gastrointestinal), the molecule is delivered in a unique vessel. Using the proprietary Hormone Carrier Matrix, delivery of Ultra 1-DHEA is increased. By creating Ultra 1-DHEA we avoid losing any of the benefits of the previous versions of 1-DHEA. The benefits include no conversion to DHT or estrogen. This is a perfect as a stand alone or when you place it in a stack, such as our New Year Foreunner Special. Get yours today and start getting those gains now!

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