Foods To Avoid


Foods to Avoid

Here are the foods that I love but hate me, and they probably hate you to.  It’s ok, they hate all humans.   Like most of my nutrition articles Foods to Avoid is primarily directed at women as they are more cognizant of their diets and minor mistakes have a more detrimental impact on their progress.



Gluten is a protein found in wheat.  It is not digestible in humans without the release of a special enzyme that also digests the intestines themselves! Now that you have holes in your intestines feces leaks into your bloodstream causing your immune system to act out and autoimmune diseases result, along with many other problems.  SInce women typicaly live off bread and bread based junk food they are the vast majority of the people treated for autoimmune illnesses.  Whats even better about gluten is that it is linked with autism, so feeding it to your kids may help them to do poorly in school and have a harder time making friends.

People will argue against this. These people love foods with gluten and are in denial so they don’t have to let go to this particular food addiction.

You need to go off gluten for about 6 weeks for your body to repair itself.  It takes that long for the intestinal damage and inflammation to subside.  Allot of people say “But finding gluten free foods is so hard.” No it isnt, finding gluten free versions of the garbage you’re addicted to is hard.  Eat sweet potatos, wild rice, and quinoa for alkaline non wheat based carbs. Don’t eat other carbs. There. Done. Easy.



Dairy is what little cows drink to become big cows.  Do you want to be a big cow? You do? Great, continue to consume dairy then!

Dairy is made up of lactose, a sugar, whey protein and casein protein. And blood, piss, puss and cow feces.  Sounds delicious right?

So even if you can digest lactose, the casein isnt that digestible, and is linked to autism. Almond milk is a alkaline alternative to milk.  Cows milk has very little whey; 22% of the protein comes from whey. Cheese is pretty much garbage and there are quesomorphs in it. Quesomorphs are molecules that bind to your mu opiate receptor which basically works like morphine or heroin. That’s why people have such a hard time giving up cheese, Its very addictive.

Pizza is a very, very, very popular food because it has both cheese and white bread, so it is extremely addictive.  And it has absolutely no nutritional value unless you add meat to it.  But the meat on pizza is way to low in a Protein:Fat ratio to be worth eating.



This applies to processed sugar like sucrose and natural sugar like fruit.  Sugar is good for one thing; gaining weight. Do you want to gain weight? Then consume sugar.

Sugar and all other carbs to a lesser extent increase insulin. Insulin is a growth hormone that grows muscle after a workout, and fat cells the rest of the day. If you have any tumors in your body, specifically brain tumors it will grow those as well.  Insulin will stop fat burning, so if someone is eating carbs all day trying to lose weight they won’t lose as much fat as if they just had all their carbs for the day after their workout.  This is actually a very complicated concept and would be an entire chapter in a book i have yet to write.

“Natural cane sugar” This is total BS. What’s natural about burning fields of cane sugar plants in Hawaii to black ash, using heavy machinery to scoop up their charred remains, grind the plant carcasses in factories and then bleach the product so it looks white? This is heavily processed and is great for growing things like your fat cells, muscles, and tumors.

Fruit and honey are the worse than people think.  They are primarily water and fructose.  Fructose does not spike insulin like other sugars but it is a pentose, not a hexose. Thus it cannot convert to glycogen and if it isn’t used for energy then it is stored as fat insulin present or not.  Having fruit before a workout will give you energy for the workout and protect the muscles from being broken down for fuel without. This is only a good idea if you workout so hard that your sweating. If your not working out so hard that people offer to call you an ambulance then you dont need any fruit before you workout.


What I Have Seen

In the past 22 years I have been involved in lifting and diet construction I have noticed one thing most frequently.  This may hurt your feelings, but that’s because the truth hurts.

Women seem to think eating whole grain bread, dairy, and fruit is a healthy diet. They do endless and pointless amounts of cardio, classes, and yoga.   They avoid meat, and weights, because they don’t want to “look like a man”.  Then when their body remains soft and unshapely they try to buy pills and buy into fads all while being jealous of men’s metabolism and how men can lose weight easy.  It never occurs to them that men are able to lose weight fast because men lift weights, work out hard, eat meat, avoid classes, avoid cardio, and dont do yoga.  Bottom line is in our culture women are tricked into doing everything the wrong way by their equally unimpressive peers and and the painfully obvious concept that the way men exercise is right and the way women exercise is wrong never occurs to them.  Why read a book written by a champion figure competitor when you can just ask the overweight woman with fibromyalgia and endometriosis next to you in zumba right?

The phobia that other women will say things like “You’re looking manly” or “you’re getting to thin” prevent them from taking good advice from educated people about how both male and female bodies are similar enough that they should be trained in the same way.  The only time woman A will tell woman B that she is too thin is when woman B is in better shape than woman A and this makes woman A  jealous.  The only time woman A will tell woman B that woman B is “to manly” is when woman B lifts more weight than woman A’s husband/boyfriend.

Stop listening to out-of-shape nutritionists and TV personalities who look frail and weak like Dr.OZ.


Take Away Points

This is not intended to be an attack, I’m not trying to hurt with this information. I’m trying to change the world for the better and if I can educate this generation about food than subsequent generations will ideally be healthier and happier.  Some doctors prescribe pills, some doctors perform surgery, I chose to teach nutrition and fitness. If you take anything away from this please avoid all gluten (wheat), avoid all dairy, only consume starches and sugar post workout, and if you have to have fruit have it before you lift weights like a rabid dog who broke through his cage.

Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside.  The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only.  All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.


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