The Problem With The Keto Diet & Why Doughnuts Save The Day - Mind And Muscle


Everyone is sort of past the Atkins revolution because for one reason it just doesn’t work long term. There is no one, and I mean no one that I have found that can stay on the keto diet for life. We can reduce carbs and we can do long term reductions, but the idea that we can live on nearly zero (which is what I call anything under about 12g carbs per serving) carb foods for life.

Of course, check with your health care practitioner prior to starting any diet and exercise program.


This is the organelle that takes sugar into the cell. There are two types:

  1. Insulin GLUT-4 – this receptor upregulates in response to SUGAR and insulin. It clears sugar from the blood when activated by insulin.
  2. Skeletal GLUT-4 – this receptor upregulates in response to exercise and clears sugar without the need for insulin.


Our bodies are not meant to stay on a keto diet for extended periods of time. A low carb diet is not how our bodies were meant to exist. Even Alaska and Finland have a short summer where fruit and other carbohydrate sources are available.

This is an important factor in your diet plan…the need for the body to have carbohydrates to stimulate fat burning! How can this be you ask? Well, let me explain!

A paleo human on a hunt require lots of energy for chasing down and fighting animals. After the kill, you would then feast on the newly killed carcass. Gorging ourselves on fat and protein, we recharge the ketone system and spare muscle wasting and actually rebuild muscle mass.

The paleo man doesn’t hunt forever and there is no reason to hunt during the summer to the same extent because there are berries and fruits that we can eat instead. During this time the body switches from ketones to glucose to run the brain. At this time we also see a storing of fat to run the body during those long northern European winters.

Finding an apple during a hunt doesn’t mean that the body switches from ketones to glucose however. In fact eating an apple during a hunt has very little effect on the body. Ketones are still the primary source of energy but the brief carbohydrate source ramps up fat burning and stokes the internal fire! That’s why Atkins fails. We need short periods of carbohydrates to ramp up our fat burning. During the hunt, there are long bouts of exercise and skeletal GLUT-4 makes sure that we never need to release insulin to handle the carbohydrate source.

In this same theory, we take advantage of skeletal GLUT-4 right after exercise to allow for a brief (1 hour) carbohydrate “binge” and CJ (the coach for Team Juggernaut) suggests that his athlete’s eat doughnuts.


Fats and proteins are a great source of lean energy for the body. Fat in particular is key in increasing satiety (feeling satisfied) because it allows the body to maintain energy for the brain in the form of ketones. Ketones are what the body uses when it has no source of carbohydrates to use as brain fuel. The brain traditionally runs on glucose (the most simple form of sugar) and when you don’t have glucose in your system, the body then switches to a ketone based approach to getting food.

The brain uses the most energy by weight of any organ in the body, so keeping it fed and happy is key when looking at long term weight loss. Sure, anyone can go on “Atkins” for 1-6 months and lose a ton of weight,but there is little to no muscle mass to be put on with this approach. So, we end up being lean and soft.

Lean and soft isn’t what I describe as the perfect look for a bodybuilder. We want to be lean and hard. “Hardness” comes from two sources. Water and glycogen. Having plenty of water in the muscle cells is an important part of being hard.

Glycogen is also important to maintain muscle fullness. By eating carbs right after a workout, you can take full advantage of skeletal muscle GLUT-4 to keep insulin low. Insulin also takes ANY extra sugar and stores it as fat. We want to keep insulin low during our carbohydrate feed.

After exercise there is little need for insulin, which puts sugar in both muscle and fat. Also, this is a great time to take insulin sensitizing agents (metformin, ALA, cinnamon, bitter melon, chlorogenic acid, chromium, vanadium, etc…) because there is CLEARLY a preferential shutting of nutrients into the muscle cells over fat cells. So, by taking your carbs and your insulin GLUT-4 accelerators, you get all of that sugar shoved into the muscle which aids in growth, recovery and hardness. You don’t get much pushed into the fat cells.

Finally, ketones come first from the fat cells, so the body burns fat from your stomach before it takes fat from the diet. In this way, you can be on a “diet” while still consuming lots of calories low carb during 23 hours during your day and ONLY carbohydrates (and certain amino acids) 1 hour right after your workout.


So, what supplements should you take while you are on the Team Juggernaut carb back loading system? It’s very simple. You want to clear any excess sugar and also give the body instant amino acids (not protein) to use as building blocks!

HumaPro from ALR is a free form essential amino acid formula, along with Bitter Melon (an insulin mimetic and sensitizer)

Glucozene from Hi-Tech has numerous insulin sensitizers that will increase sugar clearing from the bloodstream.


  • 2 Glucozene tablets
  • 2 Scoops HumaPro


I fully believe that this system will help you achieve all of your goals. You can wing it or sign up with Team Juggernaut to get the full diet and exercise benefits of this system but I know it works and the theory is sound (checked by forum member and contributor “Dsade”).

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