Fitness Made Easy- MODERATION and Training SMART

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I write this Blog truly from the heart for its contents are about a very recent time where my heart nearly stopped! If you think about your exercises the night before or possibly prepare your food days ahead, THIS BLOG IS FOR YOU! I’ve talked a lot about your mental approach to fitness! Making it consistent, repeatable, manageable, and reasonable! I train others with these thoughts in mind but neglect those rules with myself! I’m the trainer, I own the gym, I’m invincible! These words are untrue and I proved it! I mentioned in my last blog preparing for my next physique show! For those of you that aren’t familiar this is a contest of the fittest! The most symmetrical, conditioned, and best developed ATHLETES in the country take a stage to be critiqued! May the best physique win!


Mentally you have to be a monster! Follow a diet for months at a time! Train not only hard, but smart, for one wrong movement causing an injury….. Your done! My last show I took (in my opinion) a controversial second place that fueled my fire! I must get better! So I set out to do just that! I followed my diet to a T, trained Insane and results caught fire! My body fat was dropping like crazy and muscles showed up I never knew I had! I grew even hungrier to get better! Dieting/nutrition plans like these are hard on your body! That’s why fitness as a lifestyle is so important adversed to dropping fast and “making it happen!” Proper nutrition and supplementation is SO important for simply taking vitamins may have saved me from what was coming! The day I left for Wheeling West Virginia for a all Natural, NPC national qualifier I checked in at an astounding 2 % body fat! More confident than ever we drove 4 hours and arrived for the night at the casino for the show the next am! To start 2% is far to low of a body fat and it took its tole. A trainer of mine once said,” your mind will quit a thousand times before your body ever does!” I proved that fact wrong! A friend of mine text me the night of my happening and said,” that’s hardcore, you mentally persevered to the point that your body shut down and you never stopped!” I re read that text a lot of times. He said if only others shared half of your ambition we’d be a much healthier country, and I totally agree, with MODERATION!


The day before a show contestants dehydrate to tighten their skin! Think about the next morning after a late night bender! Your body looks tighter! Same concept! A lot of athletes use diuretics or water pills. I do not! I simply didn’t drink near as much water recommended for daily intake! Another thing contestants do is eat a high carb meal the night before! The reason for this is your muscles will appear more full! You’ll be more vascular, all qualities looked highly upon in competition! My problem was my body was so depleted and dry I was not able to digest my food and it sat in my stomach and caused intense pain! Intense enough that I repetitively lost consciousness! Ambulance, hospital, IV, morphine, you get the picture! The most pain I’ve ever experienced in my life and in the process I made my wife and mother go through that experience with me! I know better! I didn’t train and prepare with any sort of moderation, I did as I’ve said you shouldn’t do so many times and that’s to try and change the world! I would have been just as successful at 5% and probably would’ve won! Instead I watched from the sidelines and thought about how stupid I was to not take my own advice and worked just a shade to hard! It’s a hard thing to swallow for me! Embarrassing and wreaks of failure! I could be happy that I pushed my body to the limit! I went as hard as I possibly could go! Beat the odds, and turned in the best physique I’ve ever had! The problem is I turned in nothing! I didn’t compete! I wasted my time and my family’s time! Hurt and scared the people I love most due to my ignorance! Of course those were my initial thoughts! After fully recovering I can see that I didn’t waste my time! I found my limit! I learned! I learned the hard way but I learned! Learn from me!


-Moral of the story-

Fitness is important! Smart fitness is even more important! You don’t have to leave the gym drenched in sweat every day! you don’t have to set personal bests every time in the gym! you dont even have to lift the entire gym every rep! leave yourself wanting to come back tomorrow! leave some energy for your loved ones, your job, your life! train hard but do so with moderation! you only get one body and one life! one instance like mine can take it all away in a flash! Take your vitamins. Take your rest days! Ask for guidance! Don’t try to change your physique over night! Make it a lifestyle! Do it the right way! Learn from my mistakes! I find this important to tell you for I have been doing this for years now! I live under 7% and eat, sleep, and breath fitness, and I too make mistakes! This mistake could have cost me my life! This urged my wife and I to make some changes! We now take a daily vitamin which you can find here on Mind+Muscle. We take two off days per week, and we train smarter! Fitness and your body is a changing game! Keep up! Get educated! Find a trainer! Take your supplements and make small improvements every day! Rome wasn’t built over night and neither was your body! Train Hard BUT train smart!

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