Fish Oil Capsules Reduce Aggression Within Six Weeks - Mind And Muscle


If you take a supplement with fish oil, you become less aggressive within six weeks. French researchers, affiliated with the University of Grenoble, discovered this in an experiment, in which about two hundred volunteers participated as test subjects.

The researchers divided 194 subjects aged 18-45 into 2 groups. For six weeks, one group received a supplement with fish oil, and the other a placebo.

Before and after the six weeks, the researchers determined the subjects’ aggression with a standardized questionnaire, using statements such as “If I have to resort to violence, I will” and “Given enough provocation, I may hit another person”. The study participants then had to indicate whether they agreed with this.

The lowest possible score was 1: “extremely uncharacteristic or me”. The highest possible score was 5: “extremely characteristic of me”.

After six weeks of administration of the fish oil capsules or the placebo capsules, the aggression scores in the experimental and control group were respectively decreased and remained constant.

The subjects in the experimental group took 2 capsules of fish oil every day. Each capsule contained 319 milligrams of DHA and 386 milligrams of EPA. On a daily basis, the test subjects thus consumed 638 milligrams of DHA and 772 milligrams of EPA. That’s 1410 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids.

With such a dose, the placebo group is useless, you might think. If you’re in the experimental group, then will notice. Right? However, the researchers write that the subjects could not guess in which group they were.

“This experiment suggests that omega-3 administration may reduce physical aggression in the general population”, the researchers summarize. “This is an important positive effect or omega-3 supplements, in addition to their many other positive benefits.”

Psychiatry Res. 2018 Mar;261:307-11.

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