Finaflex 550-XD Review, Profile And Side Effects

Muscle guy stretchingFinaflex 550-XD Review :This pro-steroid didn’t last long on the supplement market. This formula wasn’t put together with the use of correct steroid pharmacology. In plain fact, it’s quite unintelligent. It’s very common for the manufacturers of clones to blend together ingredients that sound cool. It’s often referred to as “broscience”, but in the case of hormones, this isn’t safe. When the market releases products like these irresponsibly, you’re left to clean up the havoc done to your body when your cycle is over. This product was taken off the market when select ingredients become illegal. Here’s an overview of the now illegal Finaflex 550-D.

Here’s the list of ingredients at a 550mg formula:

2a,17a-Dimethyl-etiocholan-3-one, 17-ol 10mg: This compound is Superdrol- a potent pro-hormone with a string of side effects.

Estra-4,9-diene-3,17-dione 25mg: This is Tren, a mild mass builder, which is now illegal. It converts into Trenbolone.

Bergamottin (6, 7,-dihydroxybergamottin (DHB) 50mg: This compound is used to increase the concentration of oral drugs in the bloodstream by blocking the liver’s enzymes. This drug has the potential to be a dangerous combination if not used carefully, especially when administrated with Superdrol.

3, 17 ketoetiochol-triene 10mg: Here’s where the problems is. This is an ATD first made by Gaspari Nutrition. It’s a potent aromatase inhibitor, which inhibits estrogen by binding to its receptor. The issue is that when taking the pro-hormones in this product, your estrogen levels are already going to be very low. Taking an ATD will obliterate any estrogen left in your body. Estrogen plays a vital role in your body for maintaining blood pressure and controlling cholesterol levels. If you reduce estrogen to near zero, you are likely to have a blood pressure spike and are asking for numerous health problems. Taking a pre-workout behind this could potentially send you to the hospital.

Milk Thistle (80% Silymarian) 120mg: A liver support.

NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) 250mg: Another liver protectant.

Side effects of 550-XD

If the ATD had been removed, the ingredients make for an alright muscle building supplement- given that the Superdrol and Tren stack well together and there’s fair amount of liver protectants. Finaflex 550-XD is potent steroid that needs to be taken cautiously, if at all. Those who are thinking of running it for a first cycle or have pre-existing medical conditions should highly reconsider using this product. Side effects will be that of Superdrol: altered cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, liver stress, and water retention. Being a DHT compound, hair loss is often a problem; although symptoms may reverse upon disuse.

Muscle Quality produced from 550-XD

The biggest reason to not use Finaflex 550-XD is that the hard earned gains do not increase the health of the muscle and are not likely to be kept after the cycle is over. This is because the muscle gained is from inter-cellular water. The Superdrol compound in Finaflex inhibits 11-hydroxylase making the athletes retain water in the cell. This isn’t to be confused with subcutaneous edema (bloat) caused from an estrogen compound. When the cycle is over, the 11-Hydroxylase levels balance out and the water is urged from the muscle. Although you may have gained between 18-20lbs during the cycle, only 10lbs may be real muscle. Though 10lbs is fair “net gains”, it is outweighed by the side effects and risk of serious liver damage.

Testosterone, the better choice over steroids like Finaflex 550-XD

Athletes who use pro-hormones are beginning to see that Testosterone is the choice hormone to supplement when older than 21. In the world we live in, we are constantly being invaded by Exeno-Estrogens. Everything from BPA in our soda, to other chemicals we eat are producing environmental estrogens in our body. Men must increase their testosterone to even out this imbalance of hormones caused by their diet. Having too much estrogen can lead to medical problems, obesity, and sexual dysfunction. Supplementing a pro-hormone can correction this disrupted ratio of testosterone to estrogen.

The ideal solution for building solid gains that are kept is supplementing natural hormones such as 3bhydroxy-androst-5-ene-17-one. These compounds will produce 8-12lbs of muscle mass in a 30 day cycle. Unlike the 20lbs gained after 3-4 weeks, the 8-12lbs are kept once stopped. This compound also converts into testosterone.

Best Prohormone Alternative to Finaflex 550-D


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