Fearless Mr. Olympia 2015 Predictions 212 Class

The Champ Wins Again…. Go Figure

Like I said in the open division, the champ sits until he quits. Flex Lewis is the most gifted athlete in the 212 class. Combine this with the above statement and it makes a scenario that makes for tough sledding for other competitors. It will take him to be so far off condition to lose that it would be crazy. If he is 90%, he can beat just about anybody in the world. So here is how the contest broke down.

  1. Flex Lewis- This guy was a beast. He probably is the best person in the entire contest at any weight. He had size, shape, and conditioning that is rarely seen. He is in a class by himself at 212. He is amazing and a huge fan favorite.
  2. Jose Raymond- This guy is the 212 version of Branch Warren. He will never be the most pretty body on the stage, but for sheer mass and conditioning, he is second to none. He would probably have an Olympia title by now if it wasn’t for a guy named Flex Lewis.
  3. Hidetada Yamagishi- A great blend of aesthetics and conditioning. He was in perfect shape and he had his all time best package. He can’t be any better and still can’t beat Flex. That has to be disheartening. Very impressive showing.
  4. David Henry- The Giant Killer version 2. This guy is a freak of nature. After being gone one year from competition, he came back and was dialed in right. He just lacks that little something to beat these top 3 guys.
  5. Eduardo Correa- This guy is a tank. Huge thick and grainy. He looks to have a left tricep issue that hinders him. Surgical repair or not, it looks much smaller. In a line-up of near perfect bodies, it hurts him a lot.
  6. Guy Cisternino- He has an impressive physique, but he is just a notch down from the rest of these guys. He can keep improving and perhaps crack the top 5 which is admirable.
  7. Charles Dixon- He is a freaky little man. Nobody has a wider sets of delts and a larger shoulder to waist ratio period. He was in great condition. I think he may have been overlooked. Should have been top 5 in my humble opinion.
  8. Ahmad Ahmad- He has a quality physique. He just needs more thickness before he can be able to really challenge the top 3-4 guys in the world. He brought a pleasing physique and great conditioning. He is someone to watch in the future.
  9. Craig Richardson- He is a great bodybuilder, just maybe a little past his prime. He can still be competitive, but it will take something special for him to move up in this competition. He is still capable of bringing it.
  10. Al Auguste- He has a very flowing and beautiful physique but he lacks the mass to hang with the top end of this class. He can still get better with some improvements in overall mass coupled with his amazing conditioning and lines.

What The Future Holds

This show will continue to be the Flex Lewis show until he beats himself. He is in a class all by himself. Lets see if he ever decides to go up after the big boys. That would be worth watching. Watch out Phil Heath, he may just do it!

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