Fearless 2015 Mr. Olympia Bodybuilding Predictions

No Kai, Now what?

The 2015 Mr. Olympia started off with some shocking news this week. Kai Green, the widely accepted #2 bodybuilder in the world will not be in this years contest. There are many rumors circulating as to why, but we at Mind and Muscle are not in the business of speculating. I will however “speculate” on how I think this show will go down. There are two classes. The Open class with unlimited weight in which Phil Heath the defending 4 time champion is a prohibitive favorite to pull off a 5th Sandow trophy. In the 212 lb class, Flex Lewis is the odds on favorite to capture his 4th Sandow trophy. It would be pretty cool to see him and Phil Heath pose off for an overall title. Lewis has enough muscle and genetics to give him a run in my honest opinion. But as the old adage goes, a good big man will usually beat a good little man. It would be cool to see how it would go though. Hopefully the promoters will see this as a viable option in the near future. So here is my predicted order of finish.

Open Division

  1. Phil Heath- Only one time in history has the defending champ ever been beaten off his throne. That was Jay Cutler way back in 2009. So odd’s say Phil wins again. Combine that with the best genetics in the sport and I see him impossible to beat. The only person who can beat Phil is Phil. If he shows up in shape, The Gift will win his 6th Sandow.
  2. Dennis Wolf- This guy is a monster. He is tall at 6′ for a bodybuilder. He occupies a lot of space onstage. He has great natural shape. He is the ultimate X frame. His only real weak spots are smallish calves and high lat insertions. Wolf has been spot on condition wise, and I expect no different here. He moves up in Kai’s absence.
  3. Shawn Rhoden- This guy has an impressive physique. He has a tiny waist and a sick set of wheels. His upper body is still a bit behind in my opinion, but if he improved that he could move up to second. It will be tight between him and Dennis.
  4. Dexter Jackson- Mr consistency. This guy is always in great shape. He may not be the biggest guy, but damn is he put together. Combine that with deep separation and razor sharp cuts and you have an impressive body. I expect Dexter will continue to keep father time at bay and place top 5.
  5. Branch Warren- While he isn’t going to win any beauty contests, this guy is a ball of freaky, grainy, nasty ass muscle. He packs more grainy mass on a 5’4″ frame than any bodybuilder in history. His structural limitations will hold him back, but nobody can beat this guy on crisp, dense mass.
  6. Steve Kuclo- Surprise pic here some may say. First off, Steve is a friend. Second, he is one big ass guy. He is a massive framed guy who is 5’11” and like Wolf, eats up some stage. I think he has made vast improvements in his conditioning and it will show here. He has also brought up lagging parts like his chest thickness and back detail. Hands down the best calves in the business. Absolutely sick!
  7. Big Ramy- He is a freak show, but I honestly feel he is out of balance. He just look bottom heavy to me. I also feel he will be off a bit on his condition and will suffer due to it. He lacks detail and separation. He makes up for a lot in sheer muscle mass though. Legs are humongous.
  8. Juan Morel- He has steadily been getting bigger and improving. He has a great structure and no combined with his new found mass, he is a force to be reckoned with. If Juan comes in spot on, he could move up into the top 5. His condition will be key though.
  9. Victor Martinez- He is getting a bit long in the tooth but this guys has an amazing physique. If he brings back thicker thighs and spot on condition, he could easily find his way to the top 6. He is a bit of an enigma. Will the Victor of old show up and send some of the young guns tumbling down the ranks? We will see!
  10. John DeLaRosa- I love Johns physique. He has an impressive build. I just think to place higher, he needs a few more years of maturing his muscle and getting a bit bigger. Overall great structure and balance. I just don’t thin 2015 is his year.  Time will tell.


212 Pound Division

  1. Flex Lewis- This is what happens when you combine the best genetics with the defending champion. To take his seat, you need to KO the champ. I just don’t think anyone can do it in the 212’s. Flex is like Phil, only Flex can beat Flex. If all things are equal, he comes in dry, shows over. End of story.
  2. Eduardo Correa- This little guy is a freak show. He has an amazing of size, shape and stellar conditioning. If he is razor sharp and Flex comes in off, you may see the title change hands. He is that dangerous.
  3. Jose Raymond- The 212 version of Branch Warren. If you want sickening mass with outlandish conditioning, this is your guy. He is so vascular it literally looks like he has worms crawling under his skin. Impressive mass and grainy conditioning.
  4. David Henry- one of the most under appreciated physiques of all time. The “Giant killer” is ready to do battle for the 212 title. While it is possible for him to move up, I think he will get overlooked again. Great overall package of size, shape, and conditioning.
  5. Charles Dixon- The 212 x frame extraordinaire. This guy may have the biggest shoulders ever on someone so short. This guy can do some damage, but I am not sure he can surpass the guys above him. Time will tell.
  6.  Hideteka Yamagishi- He is impressive year in and year out. I just have a gut feeling he will slip some this year. Nothing really more than my gut feeling. He has a quality physique, but maybe just a level below the above mentioned bodybuilders.
  7. Aaron Clark- He has a great physique and is usually spot on in his conditioning. I just wonder if being a part of a supplement company doesn’t drain his focus. I think it will and his placing will suffer as a consequence.
  8. Mark Dugdale- This guy is a model of consistency. Another guy who may just blend in with the pack too much. He is getting long in the tooth to keep p with some of these young guns. Lets see how it goes.
  9. Guy Cisternino- He has great genetics, and impressive shape. If he can nail his conditioning, he can move up several spots over some of the incumbents. Chances are that wont happen though.
  10. Tricky Jackson- He is a sentimental favorite. He is easily the best showman on the stage. Can the old Lion pull a rabbit out of his hat? I think he will and make a top 10 finish.


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