Dietary Supplement Drama: The FDA and SARMS - Mind And Muscle


The battle between the FDA and SARMs has been ongoing. Let us breakdown the FDA and SARMs battle so your supplement regimen does not get effected.

SARMs (Selective Androgen Response Modifiers) are a class of anabolic compounds that are drugs that are in trial with the FDA to become new approved FDA drugs for muscle wasting and other conditions related to muscle loss.

Sadly, some companies sold these as dietary supplements, usually in small stores and other online resellers. Most of these companies are finally gone as the FDA gets prepared to crack down on SARM sales in the United States. The battle of the FDA and SARMs is officially on.

This month the FDA finally sent out warning letters to companies selling or have sold SARM products in the past. This spells big trouble for these companies since the FDA used to simply send out the warning letters and would go away, but has been stepping up enforcement with criminal penalties!


I am one for dietary supplement freedom, but that doesn’t mean we as a community could ever support companies selling illegal experimental drugs as a supplement. This is just irresponsible, harmful and illegal. These compounds are studied in very low doses in comparison to the supplements on the shelves. For example Ostarine, the first viable commercial SARM has been studied in men at a usual dose of about 3mg. A typical Ostarine supplement was dosed at 20-40 milligrams which is 10X the dose that was studied for safety.

SARM’s were thought to not have the side effects of steroids which include: hair loss (head), hair growth (body), voice changes, liver toxicity and testicular shut down. That made them seem like the dream of anabolic compounds.

Understand though, those promises were only made at levels tested in men (3mg as an example) and by taking 10x the dose, men were having major side effects like lowered libido, loss of natural testicular size (shut down) and a host of other problems.


Here is a short list of SARM’s in development as drugs:

  • LGD-4033
  • Ostarine (MK-2866)
  • S4 (Andarine)
  • RAD140
  • YK-11

These all have the same basic activity and may be found in some illegal dietary supplements. It’s best you steer clear of these for two reasons.

First, there is no data testing these ingredients at the doses suggested on the bottle. Second, there is no way to confirm the identity and quality of the SARM’s being sold since most of these come as untested raw powder from China.

SARM’s suffer the same basic metabolic fate as anabolic steroids (oral) which means they are likely toxic on the liver and could cause various other conditions.


Better to boost your own testosterone or take legal prohormones. Prohormones are not active on their own and are natural supplements found in the body or in nature and can augment your natural androgen levels.

Testosterone boosting only has limited success because the body has a natural threshold of between 200-1200 ng/dl where it is theorized to upregulate and downregulate the receptor based on androgen concentration. This means that unless you get past the magic 1200 ng/dl threshold there is not much going to happen except maybe some fat loss.

Best you stay away from SARM’s unless you want to risk damage to your body and all of the side effects of steroids without the safety knowledge.


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