Fat Loss Tips

Not everyone is ready for a structured diet. Some people just want a gentle nudge in the right direction so they will feel more confident about themselves this summer WHEN they are required to take their shirt off. I compiled this list of the best fat loss tips for you. These the things I did when I was way to lazy to work a real diet, but I wanted to maximize my self confidence.

Tip #1) Every Meal Should Have Protein

This was my mom’s rule when i was a kid, “Never eat unless there is a reason, and there is no reason to eat if there isnt protein. Protein means “most important” and is what you need. People who don’t lift weights can get away with 0.8 g /Kg or about 60 g of protein a day, but people slashing their carbs need more protein than that and so do lifters. For people who REALLY want to make progress with fat loss they are usually eating 1-1.5 g of protein per pound of body weight. A scoop of protein powder is perfect to use post workout or first thing in the morning AFTER your morning cardio, that right there is 40-60 grams of protein when you need it most and most women will find that’s almost or at half their allotted amount for the day!

Best protein sources in order are:

Whey (Isolate > Concentrate)
Egg white
Whole egg
Fish (white)

Organic is better than not, all natural better than not, grass fed better than not.

Extra lean > Lean > not lean.

This is based on Biological Value and Alkalinity. Click on those red words to learn more!

Tip #2) Vegetables are Filler

Vegetables are not nutritions. There is very little to them other than water. Yes they have vitamins, but so does meat and we absorb way more vitamins from meat than vegetables. Vegetables are good for one thing, filler. When you’re hungry, eat your protein then all your veggies next, this makes you feel full and keeps you from eating food you shouldn’t, or being mean to people who get in your way! A juice plus pill or Cytogreens are great for getting all your actual health benefits from plant matter without having to actually eat the revolting stuff!

Tip #3) Fruit Turns to Fat

Unless you use the sugar (because fruit is just a vegetable with sugar) in fruit right away it turns to fat. The sugar in fruit does not spike your insulin like starches and man made food does, so it doesn’t shut off fat burning, The extra sugar you’re not using can’t be stored as starch in the muscle called glycogen, it has to be stored as fat or refill liver glycogen.

There are 2 times its logical to have fruit:

1) Before vigorous exercise you can have fruit and it will be burnt off for energy, and you will still burn fat with the fruit. I would stick to a banana or a banana and an orange.

2) 30 minutes post workout you can have some fruit post workout to refill the glycogen in the liver so the starches you’re having post workout go exclusively to the muscle. It’s like fodder in other words, the sugar in fruit is so inferior it’s like a blocker for the liver so the good stuff can get where we want it, the muscle.

Ideal fruit for fat loss:
Grapefruit (has nangarin ) about 15 g carbs
Orange (has nangarin) about 15 g carbs
Banana (has potassium) About 40 g carbs
Apple 15 g carbs
Pear 15 g carbs

The nangarin helps your supplements work longer and the potassium helps your muscles stay full of water.

Tip #4) Drinking Water

You can drink as little as 64 oz a day in theory but thats if you’re not working out, on creatine, or losing fat. In those cases you need 1-2 gallons of water a day. Between this and the veggies you won’t be full and you should be pooping every morning. I would add in 14 g of Psyllium fiber before bed if this isnt happening BUT YOU MUST put it in 30-50 oz of water and slam it before bed. This will work like a brillo pad and scour your intestines so TOMORROW you absorb all your food when you eat it, not have it sit around for later. As you can see from the fruit section, we eat certain things at certain times for VERY good reasons, and this fiber makes it posible! but without water its not going to work.

Tip #5) Use Sea Salt

Now your body won’t store all that water in your muscles unless you’re using at least 2000 mg of sea salt a day. No this isn’t “salt” and it’s not bad for your blood pressure or heart, it’s the opposite. This is the opposite of bad, read the article by clicking the hyperlink to learn why.

Tip #6) Keep all Your Carbs Around Your Workout

It’s ideal that you have no carbs all day until you lift. Then you have all your carbs post workout from 30 minutes post workout to about 2-3 hours post workout. Each person is different, but the shortest window is an hour long.

The best carbs are starches like sweet potato, wild rice, quinoa, amaranth, and then a banana to trick your liver into ignoring the starches. Like feeding a guard dog peanut butter so it won’t bark or bite.

NOW if you HAVE to have carbs pre workout or you can’t get a pump or you get light headed or whatever your excuse, you can have an orange and/or a banana. That’s the best combo.

Or, if you’re actually serious about losing fat have Wyked 2.1 pre workout instead. That and 10 g of L-Glutamine and you most certainly DO NOT NEED CARBS pre workout. Add T2 to that and you can burn more fat than you thought possible.  Men can use a DHT prohormone like Epiandro to burn even more fat! These 3 products cause fat burning to occur 5 completely different synergistic ways. The most scientifically advanced method legally available. And you can direct the fat loss, such as choose to lose it from your mid section or back of your arms with Lipo Therm Y.

Tip #7) Get Lots of Sleep!

You need 8 hours of sleep to get the leptin release that stops your hunger the next day. This is really important, but whats even more important is night time GH release. This can be amplified by taking Nocturnus before bed. I designed Nocturnus to increase growth hormone secretion naturally while you sleep through 5 different ways, and by adding L-glutamine you can increase that to 6!

The most important part is to be asleep 8 hours and I suggest Melatonin before bed if you are having a hard time sleeping. Also you might want to reduce your caffeine intake to 1 V2 capsule before morning or 3 cups of coffee, and 2-3 scoops of Wyked 2.1 pre workout, and no other caffeine the rest of the day.

Tip #8) Exercise

Most people think the main way to lose fat is to do cardio. Not really. If you’re not proficient in weights or even machines it’s possible your going to burn more calories per hour with cardio equipment than you would with weights. With weights assuming you lifted correctly and hard enough to break your muscles down then the amount of calories that are used to repair the muscle AFTER your done lifting ends up burning more calories than you would have with many cardio sessions. This effect is called EPOC or after burn. One form of cardio does this, HIIT cardio. HIIT cardio is more like lifting weights than normal cardio. One version of HIIT, my favorite, is a 30 second SPRINT, not run, then a 60 second walk. Do this 10 times and it’s like ten 30 second ‘sets’ of sprinting and you just got a sweet ANABOLIC hamstring workout AND it burns more fat than steady state cardio! At least on a minute for minute exchange.

Too Much Thinking?

If you want all the thinking done for you I have 2 Cut stacks pre made, Basic and Advanced. The Advanced Cut Stack comes with the Advanced Cut Meal Plan  and the Advanced Cut Workout program.  The Tone and Lean stack is for women, all the fat burning goodness without the prohormones.

If you get the Women’s Tone and Lean Stack or the Basic Cut Stack make sure to pick up a diet and a workout routine!


Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside.  The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only.  All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.

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