Fat Loss Pros: An Interview with Jen Heath on Her Exciting New Project

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Fat Loss Pros: An Interview with Jen Heath on Her Exciting New Project
by: the Mind and Muscle Staff

– First off Jen, why did you put the “Fat-Loss Pros” package together? It became apparent to me that some people in this industry really know what they are talking about. I felt it would be enormously beneficial to have a product with the most well respected names that revealed the “nitty-gritty” on fat loss. There are effective methods and there are ineffective methods. There is KEY information that most people don’t even know to consider in their own personal fat loss goals. This product covers ALL aspects of fat loss from training, to nutrition combined with how to individualize that information. It educates you about what methods are out there and which ones will work for you.

What can we expect from the interviews in terms of guests and content? It is flat out amazing. Look at some of the names. I personally would pay HUNDREDS of dollars to pick Dr.Eric Serrano’s brain for 30 minutes alone, let alone all of the other fat loss geniuses on this product. Each guest covers general training and nutrition for fat loss from their own personal perspective plus cover several areas of their own expertise. For instance, Dr. Lonnie Lowery and I covered “nutrient partitioning” for well over 30 minutes alone. The information in this product can be individually applied, and cannot be found like this compiled all together…anywhere! – Who will benefit from the information is Fat-Loss Pros? ANYONE. It does not matter who you are. You can be young, old, in shape out of shape, fat, skinny, an athlete, or a bodybuilder. This product is for anyone with body compositions goals. It doesn’t matter whether you need more muscle, need to lose fat or need to do both. The myths are dispelled and the truths exposed. It is an invaluable education. – Finally, can you give us a sneak peak of some of the discussions that you had in the interviews? There is no possible way I could possibly list everything in these interviews since there are over 15 hours of interview time. The discussion would never end and the topics topics would go on forever, but here’s an idea of just a couple things each expert revealed: Dr. Eric Serrano

  • How food allergies and intolerances negatively impact body composition and what you can do about them
  • Why you should NOT avoid eating dietary fat and what certain types of fats actually make you leaner!

Dr. Lonnie Lowery

  • How to set up your diet and training program so that you can shuttle more of the nutrients you ingest into lean muscle and away from body-fat stores. .
  • How to alter the state of your nutrition based on the amount of soreness induced by your training

John Parrillo

  • The importance of “building” your metabolism and eating your way to a leaner body
  • How some of his female clients are able to get ripped eating as many as 6000 + calories per day
  • How to cycle your training and diet to build muscle and burn off body-fat at the same time

Roger Riedinger

  • How to structure your workouts to ensure you build strength while getting as lean as possible . .
  • The importance of getting protein from various sources to ensure the highest protein efficiency
  • How to cycle your diet to lose as much fat as possible while keeping your metabolism elevated

Alwyn Cosgrove

  • Why doing cardio first thing in the morning is unnecessary and counterproductive.
  • How he is able to get his clients lean in record time using only 3 forty-five minute sessions per week without any cardio whatsoever

Scot Abel

  • How to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your cardiovascular work with Metabolic enhancement training
  • How to avoid suppressing your metabolism through excessive dieting and exercise

Cassandra Forsythe

  • Why lower carbohydrate diets actually enhance the building of muscle and strength over time in comparison to higher carb fares
  • How to best set up a diet and training scheme to build muscle and lose fat, based on scientific research
  • and much more….

Dr. Mauro DiPasquale

  • How to optimize hormone levels through your diet
  • Why the practice of taking in massive amounts of carbohydrates post-workout is over-rated and unnecessary – How to ensure your glycogen levels are always full
  • How you can train your body to become “fat-adapted” so that you can burn more fat 24 hours per day all while staying energized without blood sugar crashes and hunger

Eric Ledin

  • How training a high volume of numerous types of women, has given him an edge with this niche
  • How to properly periodize low intensity and high-intensity cardio to ensure maximum fat loss without interfering with your strength progression

Kelli Callabrese

  • Learn things you didn’t know about pregnancy! – Why common prescriptions for weight gain during pregnancy are false and what to do about it
  • Learn the real reason women have increased appetite prior to her menstrual cycle and what to do about
  • Finally, the ins and outs of female training and nutrition though all stages of lif

Don Alessi

  • How to determine your hormonal status by analyzing your fat storage patterns
  • The “idea” fat storage pattern and how to achieve it through altering your training, nutrition, and supplementation patterns
  • How to supplement based on your hormonal statues

Charles Staley

  • How to ensure you’re performing quality workouts instead of just going through the motions
  • The importance of progressive resistance and progressive workload

Chad Ikei

  • What he does that enables many of his athletes to shed massive amounts of body-fat while simultaneously building muscle.
  • How identifies any deficiencies in hormonal status
  • Discover the periodization schemes Chad uses with his top level professional athletes

Ryan Lee

  • The most common myths about exercise
  • The importance of level of effort when it comes to burning fat
  • How to get in intense fat burning workouts in as little as 4 minutes per day

Krista Scott Dixon

  • How to increase the effectiveness of our workouts by choosing exercises that conform to our natural primal movement patterns
  • The biggest mistakes people make in their training
  • The importance of our own psychology for ensuring permanent results in physique transformation
  • How whole foods can be KEY in fat loss results
  • Learn the “3 P’s” of female weight training and how they can get you where you want to be

Craig Ballantyne

  • The secrets behind his revolutionary Turbulence Training
  • How to set up full body fat burning workouts without weights

Paul Chek

  • Why it’s essential to eat whole natural proteins if you’re interested in your health
  • How to set up a diet based on your unique hereditary metabolic characteristics
  • The importance of rotating foods to avoid developing food intolerances and allergies

Chad Waterbury

  • Understanding the nervous system and how to best stimulate it
  • How to use low rep training for simultaneous fat loss and strength gain
  • How to burn up to 300 more calories per day simply by consuming more fat

That seriously only scratches the surface of what these professionalsoffer in this package. View a complete description of the product here: www.fatlosspros.net Not only that, but there is an AMAZING FREE bonus package included containing trainingprograms, e-books and a special interview on “body fat set point” – which teachesabout the body’s “fat storage system” and how we can manipulate it. Again, the benefits of the product are countless. I hope everybody has the great opportunity to experience Fat Loss Pros, and fine tune their own quests for leanness today.

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