Failed New Year’s Resolutions! - Mind And Muscle

Resolutions! 3 Reason why they were Doomed from the start.

New Year’s Resolutions and “weight loss” resolutions are the most popular ones every year. Don’t tell me that you’re going to do anything extreme, skip the strict diet and unrealistic exercise regimen. It’s not that you failed, the faulty resolutions failed YOU. How you set your goals can determine if you succeed or fail. If your resolution has any of these traits, it is doomed to fail from the very beginning:resolutions



A goal to get up at 4 o’clock in the morning every day to exercise is too difficult for most people to stick with. Setting smaller, realistic goals will enable you to stay on track. I’ve witnessed firsthand how strict diets and deprivation can backfire. For every diet restriction, there always seems to be an equal and opposite binge. The same holds true for exercise goals. When I started Combat Sambo, I didn’t go from zero to 100 and try to practice every single day. I knew that would be setting myself up for failure or injury. Pacing yourself and setting small goals allows you to make gradual progress and work up to bigger goals.


2. GOALS ARE TOO Clearly Defined.

Having a vague goal of “losing weight” without planning the steps you will take doesn’t set you up for success. Be specific as possible in your goal setting and planning. For example, decide which days of the week you will exercise, types of exercise you will do, and schedule it on your calendar. Even more importantly, not having a clear reason for losing weight could significantly undermine your efforts. Beyond losing weight for ‘better health’ or fitting into those jeans, there is a deeper reason that must be realized in order for you to access the motivation and drive to keep going.



Going  it alone might seem like the best approach, but that’s not necessarily true. Depending on your personality, some people need external accountability and others are more responsive to internal expectations. Getting the right kind of support can make or break your resolution.


If you’re in it for the WIN, then keep these tips in mind:


  1. Sound science: Make sure your “diet” is grounded in facts, not fiction or Bro Science. Don’t take drastic measures to lose weight. You need something realistic that you can stick to long-term because it takes time and consistency to lose weight.
  2. Optimize nutrition: Make “smart” choices such as cutting extra calories where you can. My best suggestions for cutting calories while enjoying the foods you love are to eat smaller portions and choosing lower calorie options (like foods and beverages made with low-calorie sweeteners).
  1. 1. Good food: Savor and enjoy delicious food. A bland, restrictive diet is no way to live and is impossible to maintain for long.


You can decide to reevaluate your health goals at any time of year. Why not jump start them again? Take time to really think your reasons and set specific, realistic goals that you can sustain throughout the year. This way you won’t have to make same resolution next year.

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