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Guy posing with a medicine ballEvodiamine is typically used as a fat loss aid as it increases thermogenesis and decreases appetite. Evodiamine may have diuretic effects as well, ridding the body of excess water retention. One particular study examined the effects of evodiamine in vitro.

The study examined the effects of evodiamine on the adrenal glands of rats. Upon examining the effects, the researchers concluded that what they found indicated that evodiamine use may reduce the release of aldosterone. Aldosterone is an importand hormone involved with the regulation of body water. Reducing the release of aldosterone would have a diuretic effect, reducing excess body water.

Anecdotal evidence also shows evodiamine to act as a diuretic. Many users experience an increase in urination or decreased water retention. The main use of evodiamine is probably not as a diuretic and there are certainly better options available, but it is one extra benefit associated with its use.



Hung PH, Lin LC, Wang GJ, Chen CF, & Wang PS. (2001). Inhibitory effect of evodiamine on aldosterone release by Zona glomerulosa cells in male rats. The Chinese Journal of Physiology. 44(2), 53-7.

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