Estrogen Blockers

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Estrogen Blockers are a frequently misused term. Most people use the term ‘Estrogen Blocker’ and ‘Anti-Estrogen’ interchangeably but they are not the same, a blocker is a form of anti-estrogen but there is another form, aromatase inhibitors.

Estrogen Blocker literally means to block the estrogen from binding to the receptor, and therefore only SERMS or Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators are estrogen blockers. It does not mean to stop estrogen from being produced or to remove it from the system. To stop estrogen from being created by the aromatase enzyme from testosterone you need an aromatase inhibitor (AI), not an estrogen blocker.

Tamoxifen, prescription name Nolvadex is my absolute favorite illegal Estrogen Blocker or SERM. It offers several advantages over its competing compound Clomid, even for PCT. It’s not a scheduled controlled substance, but possession of a prescription drug is illegal without a script.


Is It Bad To Have a Ton of Estrogen?

Yes! But estrogen has its uses, it is great for a ton of different reasons but to much and we get side effects.  Estrogen helps you build muscle 2 different ways; There are 2 different estrogen receptors on the muscle cells, ER alpha and ER Beta.  Estrogen binding to the Alpha receptor has a function like MGF, it causes satellite cells your migrate. Binding of estrogen to ER beta causes IGF-1 to be released, these two things are the key to muscle growth.

Sexually you want some estrogen.  With no estrogen you have no sex drive. Period.  And almost as important, estrogen levels determine how long you can last in bed for. More estrogen =  More sexual endurance.  Now the last part is hard to scientifically prove but if your estrogen is really really low and you look super dry and inhuman then women are less likely to find you attractive.  For all these reasons its important to have some estrogen.

Estrogen also increases HDL which indirectly lowers LDL, making estrogen important for your cardiovascular health!

TO MUCH estrogen results in fat gain, water storage, whining, prostate cancer, and high blood pressure. So you want SOME estrogen but not a lot.  This is why a mild legal AI like the ones in Form XT and Arom X are ideal.

Estrogen Blockade

The reason why people want an estrogen blocker is usually to combat the side effect gynecomastia. But this is a day late and a dollar short. All your doing is blocking the estrogen receptor on the breast and preventing the breast from growing.

Tamoxifen has the special ability to decrease the size of breast tumors, which means in us male bodybuilders when you DO have a nodule beneath your nipple, this is the drug which clears that up. It doesn’t stop the pain though, an AI like Arimidex works best for that.

Why do I say this is a day late and a dollar short?

You developed the gyno because the aromatase enzyme converted your testosterone, boldenone, deca, or D-Bol into estrogen. At a rate of 20%. That means if you take 1000mg testosterone a week, but don’t take an AI, you’re really getting 800 mg testosterone and 200 mg estrogen. Now you get gyno from having more estrogen than a pregnant girl, and block the receptor on the breast with the tamoxifen. But this does not prevent the estrogen from binding somewhere else! For this reason I think AIs are FAR FAR FAR more important than a SERM while on cycle or post cycle.

Why are the SERMS so much more popular than AIs?

Unfortunately the guys who are the ‘experts’ on the forums have a 1/10 in necessary knowledge. They seem smart because they know more than the majority of the population who have a 0/10 in knowledge in the fields of Endocrinology, Andrology, Gynecology, Pharmacology,  Anabolic Pharmacology, or Biochemistry.

Then Why Use Nolvadex and Not an AI?

You wouldn’t. You would add a SERM like Tamoxifen to a cycle if you had break through gyno your AI could not stop from forming. Additionally Tamoxifen is a SELECTIVE estrogen receptor MODULATOR. This means it binds to some estrogen receptors and activates them!

In the liver Tamoxifen works like estrogen and increases HDL (good cholesterol) which will scavenge LDL (bad cholesterol) and this it is good for protecting you from heart disease while on cycle.


On Cycle Therapy, Post Cycle Therapy

Most internet ‘experts’ think that a SERM is a good OCT (On Cycle Therapy) and PCT (Post Cycle Therapy)and that clomid is the best for PCT. This is completely and totally untrue. Clomid does act like Tamoxifen as a SERM, but unlike Tamoxifen it isn’t beneficial to your HDL, clomid causes a decrease, not increase in LH like Tamoxifen, and clomid causes blindness in some men.

So why do every Tom, Dick, and ‘i got my education on the internet’ Harry think that clomid is better? Because clomid was so bad when it was developed for breast cancer the only thing they could get FDA approval for ‘on label’ use was male infertility (on label means insurance will pay for the script to be filled and the doctor is unlikely to lose a lawsuit for prescribing it). Since Tamoxifen sales are so good for breast cancer they never got FDA approval for it to be on label for male infertility, despite it being better than clomid in every way. Even price of tamox is superior when you consider 40 mg of Tamoxifen gives better testosterone increase than 150 mg clomid.

As I said, for OCT the most important thing to control your estrogen level is to stop your testosterone and other wet anabolics from being DEGRADED down to estrogen from test. For that you want a mild AI or a low low dose of a strong AI. For instance Letrozole is so strong a half dose (1.25 mg) every 3 days is ideal, and when used all by itself results in 4x normal testosterone levels, while using it as prescribed (2.5mg/day) only results in 2x normal testosterone increase.


How do the AIs and the SERMs Increase Testosterone?

Well the whole point of OCT and PCT is to maintain or restore natural testosterone production. IT IS NOT to decrease estrogen. The reason you flip a light switch is to turn the lights on, not to change the orientation of the switch!

Remember how I said an AI stops aromatase from converting your testosterone to estrogen? Well BOOM, There you go; by not degrading test to estrogen you have more test! It’s common sense.

Also, the main way you get shutdown of the HTPA (hypothalamic pituitary axis) is estrogen binds to the pituitary and stops LH release. Tamoxifen stops this, and causes THE OPPOSITE effect of estrogen, it actually stimulates the pituitary to release more, not less, LH.

LH is the hormone which tells your testicles to make more testosterone. So not only does Tamoxifen block estrogen induced shut down, it REVERSES it, generating more testosterone! see, selective modulator!

Clomid on the other hand does not do this. It, like estrogen, still decreases LH output, just not to the same extent. See, it’s garbage. Shame on anyone who ever uses clomid for PCT after reading this, and a doctor who prescribes this for PCT over Tamoxifen needs to learn what he’s doing.

Who am I kidding, I have never met another doctor who knew what OCT or PCT even was.



Nolvadex/Tamoxifen is the best Estrogen Blocker, better than Clomid. BUT you may actually want an AI not a estrogen blocker, AI stop your anabolics and testosterone from being ruined by conversion to estrogen. All an Estrogen Blocker does is help you control the side effects of too much estrogen. Estrogen Blockers are the bandaid, AIs are the cure… and the prevention.

The exception is if you want to use Tamoxifen post cycle to enhance your natural testosterone production (you most certainly do), and you can use Tamoxifen to protect your arteries from anabolics through their increase to your HDL. Clomid does neither of these extra effects and is the danny Devito to Tamoxifen’s Schwarzenegger.

Make sure if you’re buying illegal drugs you know what you’re doing. If any of this information is new to you, I would suggest you use a simpler legal alternative.

Legal AI/SERM Combination Products!

Both Arom X and Form XT modulate your estrogen receptors AND stop conversion of testosterone to estrogen, and they are legal. Both contain an AI (mild) and estrogen receptor modulators. Either is great for OCT or PCT but using a half dose of both is best! This is because there is NO OVERLAP of active ingredients in these products and everything in each is AWESOME!

Rise and Swell is product I developed to work hand in hand with a cycle, SERMs and AIs. It stimulates the testes to produce natural testosterone and the pituitary to release LH (which indirectly causes testosterone release). It also has other ingredients to facilitate erections like viagra and blood flow to your whole body giving you an awesome pump in the gym like Cialis or Viagra would.

Using the 3 products, Arom-x, Form XT and Rise and Swell would be the perfect OCT and/or PCT approach. All are legal and none require any specialized knowledge to use, just take them as the label says. These three products in combination is the best legal approach at maximizing your natural testosterone if your natural, protecting your natural testosterone production from shut down if your on cycle, and restoring your natural production to normal post cycle!

Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside.  The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only.  All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.



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