Eric Irons

Eric Irons: Run In With The Law #1

I stopped juicing for one main reason. I got sick of being in court! If I had all the money back I spent on bunk gear, lawyers, fines, and jail time, I could probably own a mansion or a Lamborghini. I have been fucked every way to Tuesday dealing with the black market. Shit, my lawyers fee’s were in excess of $25K for two separate cases. I can’t even tell you how much fucking stress I put myself and my family through. It absolutely sucks looking back. I should stayed natural. I was making great gains without juice, but like everyone else, I got greedy.  The first time I got hit was for possession. Now it is a felony to possess even one dose of a steroid. They generally don’t hit you with it, but they will fine the shit out of you and threaten jail time.

I was driving home from the gym and I had picked up some test from my buddy “Ted.” Ted is an alias to protect the innocent. Well, that’s kinda fucked up because innocent he is not. He got busted with $100K in roids and $60K in cash, and had a Cadillac, a work truck, and all his shit(belongings in his home) seized. He spent a shit load to get his stuff back. I had the bottles of test sitting on the seat in a paper bag. I got into a little bit of a road rage incident on the way home and got pulled over. The cop was kind of pissed and when he was looking in my car, he asked what was in the bag. He ended up finding out it was juice. I got arrested, my car got towed, and the rest is history. Pissed off wife, lots of money out the window, no sex and serious couch time. I got a misdemeanor possession of controlled substance put on my record.

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Eric Irons: Incident #2: I Am A Felon

A few years later, my dumb ass got caught up again. I just had wrapped up 2 years probation with was another $960 in pissed away money. I was hooked up with some guys who were getting product from a local guy and I was getting it cheap and selling to a small select group of guys I trusted. I wasn’t getting rich but I was covering the cost of my own stacks. Well, the one dumb fuck sold some shit to his stupid cousin. His stupid cousin got his dumb ass busted and his cousin ratted him out. So they kicked his door, busted him with weed and juice, and xanax and vicodins. They asked where he got the juice. Well, now I am set up. He gets me to get him some shit and they have me on delivery. I was so pissed cause that little bitch was walking the next day. I knew he set me up because my boy who is a detective found out. I let my buddy Ted know and they paid him a visit. Lets say he tried to fly off a second story balcony onto his pretty little face. He looks fucking weird now. Got a plate in his skull and his once pretty face is kind of lopsided! You fuck with the bull, you get the horns my friend! There is really honor among thieves. So I got hit hard this time. $15K for lawyer and 90 days in the county joint. That sucked. I have no clue how the fuck anyone does 90 days let alone 10 years! So after all that shit, a $10K fine, property seizure, etc. I was fucked. Plus about $2500 in probation and 5 years under the thumb of the man. Random drug tests. My fucking wife left me so now I have child support payments too. Juice literally ruined my life and yeah, I am fucking bitter about it.

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Eric Irons: The Aftermath

As a felon, I had to dump some DNA for CODIS. I wanted to wrist one off for these cocksuckers instead of giving blood. I am no longer allowed to vote for any of these shady fuckers in office. I am no longer allowed to have a gun. I am no longer allowed to have a passport. I can’t even go to fucking Canada or Mexico on vacation. Am I bitter? Fuck yes I am bitter. This end result for a little bit more muscle? That’s how I hooked up with Mind and Muscle. I started buying LG Sciences and the realized that Mind and Muscle made a superior line to LG. So I got on Liquid Labs line and what do you know, fucking pro-hormones are great. Are they steroids? No, but not only do they work, they work really well. I have done three 8 week runs in the past year and I am up 25 lbs and leaner than before I started. My strength is really good as well. I am thrilled with the results and the best part, no fucking police! So crazy to think I could have been doing this all along and not destroyed my entire life. For what? Some fucking plastic trophies and a lot of “Bro, you’re fucking jacked man!” Who gives a shit. I would trade it all in for my life back. Trust me, if you want a legal version of “steroids”, look no further than Liquid Labs! The Basic Mass Stack and Basic Cut Stack are bargains. The best stacks are The Advanced Mass Stack and The Advanced Cut Stack

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