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Eric Irons: Steroids Are A Gateway Drug!


So many people who have used steroids do so and they claim they are not gateway drugs. I, Eric Irons beg to differ. I watched a normal clean cut kid at my gym become a drug addicted shell of himself. I watched when he joined the gym as just a regular kid from suburbia,USA and I watched him decline into a very dark place that eventually would lead to his death. I just think about all the carnage that he left behind before he left this world. He went from a nice respectful kid to a complete asshole. I don’t really feel sorry for him, but I do feel for his mother and his family, because of the loss of a brother and a son. The following story tells you how dangerous any drug can be in the hands of the wrong person.

The Slippery Slope Down To Hell


“Pete” started out at our gym just your normal high school kid looking to get big. There was nothing extraordinary about him at all. He was as vanilla as it comes. I only knew him because of a kid named Dan who I was friends with. “Pete” was kind of quiet and average in every way. 5’9″ 160 lbs I would guess. Well after a while, I noticed “Pete” was getting bigger quickly. He wasn’t getting solid gains but more the “blow fish” variety. He looked like he was holding 5 gallons of water in his face alone! He looked like a Filipino kid with Cushings Disease. He was so bloated he literally looked oriental. There was also a radical change in his personality. He went from quiet to a complete dick. I mean this motherfucker underwent a metamorphosis of epic proportions. I really started to not like the sight of this piece of shit.


The Transition To Complete Shitbag!

“Pete” had gone from a nice kid to an absolute fuckstain in a matter of 5 months. I think out of the 50 lbs this turd gained, 30 lbs was water and the other 20 was pure ego. I think he was even sizing me up like he had some how surpassed my years of hard work. This bloated shit pile was really starting to wear on my nerves. He had recently turned 21 and was hitting the club’s quite often.I began hearing stories about him being fucked up on “scoop or GHB” at the club where all the meat head’s and strippers hung out. I had friends who bounced at this club and they said he was a fucking mess. He dropped outside the club on the side walk one night and had to be paddled back to life. He then got the nice charcoal drink to pump his stomach. You figure that would snap this dumb fuck out of it, but apparently he was bound and determined to completely fuck up his life. At this point, he probably deserved anything that was coming his way. The next few years was filled with stories of his bull shit behavior.


Date Rape, Heroin, And Other Shitty Things

This shit bag of a human being no longer resembled what he was a few short years before. I heard stories of him and his buddies taking girls out, slipping GHB into their drinks and then gang raping them. I asked his buddy and he said it was true. I fucking hated the guy now. One night my buddies Dan and Bill went out with this loser and they took a waitress friend of mine. She was a really cute and sweet girl that worked at a bar I bounced at. She was flirty with me all the time so I had a protective thing for her. Well, they slipped GHB in Angie’s drink and she proceeded to pass out and piss her pants. They were going to pull her pants off and rape her but Dan stopped them. Pete was lucky because I would have beaten him and Bill to death had they touched her. Well, It wasn’t too many months later that dickhead Pete died at age 24 of a heroin overdose. I say good bye and good riddance. Hope he enjoys hell because that is where this fuck belongs. So next time you think steroids don’t open other doors to other drugs, think again. Trust me he made a rapid descent into hell. This is another reason why I use legal prohormones now.


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