Eric Irons Return To Bodybuilding

Eric Irons Return to Bodybuilding

After 6 years out of the sport and off of all performance enhancing drugs, I decided to do another bodybuilding show. I had trained in martial arts  pretty extensively for 5 years. I trained one on one with my good friend and Sensei. It was awesome getting to hit stuff and people again, but I got bored. At one point at 23 years of age, I weighed 273 pounds. By the time I was 28 years of age, I weighed 162 pounds! My sensei used to joke that people would change style by getting a haircut or a new wardrobe. He said “you gain 100 pounds or lose 100 pounds.” I have always pushed the limits of human capacity. I live on a much larger interval of wave than most people. I like living in the extremes. Being normal sucks worse than death. So if I train in Karate, I need to be pushing it so I chose Kyokushin Kai Kan, a very brutal Japanese martial art. I loved the pain and always being black and blue. So i started to grow bored with karate, and decided to start lifting harder. I was soon 195 pounds at 9% body fat. I decided it would be fun to get up on stage and thus my return to bodybuilding started.

The Return To Bodybuilding  Was An Easy Transition!

When I decided to compete again, I had been off all drugs for 6 years and I wanted to try my hand at natural bodybuilding. I was managing one of the local gyms and got a good deal on supplements. I was sticking to my guns and doing it drug free. I got creatine, protein, vitamins, and HMB, a new supplement based on a metabolite of  leucine. It was considered cutting edge at the time. I had 9 weeks to get into shape so I started out balls to the wall lifting and was doing 30 minutes of cardio every other day. I was getting into shape in rapid fashion but oddly my weight never dropped down. So 9 weeks later, I showed up for contest day at 195 pounds at 4% body fat. I was astonished at how strong I got naturally using just supplements. I actually bench pressed 315 x 8 repetitions the week leading up to the show. That hasn’t happened before or since. It was pretty cool. I kind of got screwed in the placings, but I was okay with third place. That old familiar itch struck again and I was entertaining heading over to the dark side again. The pull of the dark side remains strong in me to this day.

The Peril Of The Blackmarket In The Return To Bodybuilding

When I started to inquire about anabolic steroids, my head almost exploded when I heard the prices. $100 for 10ml bottle of Testosterone Enanthate from Quality Vet. I used to pay $12 for the same thing in Steris, an American made version. Anadrol 50, I used to pay $50 dollars, not they wanted $200. Every drug was 4-5 times more expensive then before. All the legislation did was drive it underground and drive the price up. I mean across the board everything was too fucking expensive. It just sucked but of course, yours truly said “Fuck it, its go time!” So I jumped on 400mg of Test Cypionate and 1 Anadrol 50 per day. Well, after my show I had gone to Jamaica for a week with my girlfriend and I came back a pretty lean 217 pounds. Still had six pack abs and was lean so it was great starting point. Within a few months, I was 240 pounds. It was funny because when I was 195 pounds, women loved me. They said ” Don’t change, your body is perfect, its beautiful like it is.” I was thinking “You date the 270 pound meatball who is twice my size so I don’t buy it!” I wasn’t looking to please women, I was looking to get back toy behemoth status as quickly as possible. It was so damn expensive now. I needed a better source. The search was on…

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