Eric Irons: Nipples Dripping - Mind And Muscle


Hit The Gym Skippy

This is a story about gynecomastia or bitch tits. The worst case of gyno I have ever seen.When I was in college, there was a kid I met who was what I call a wannabe. He didn’t have the genetics to be a good bodybuilder, but he sure did want. He weighed 150 pound soaking wet and that was being generous. In my terms, he was a fucking pussy! This guy was in serious need of iron therapy. So we invited him into our inner circle. We did it partly because he was a good guy, but we also wanted to use him as a guinea pig to test all out gear on him. He was like a lab rat for us. We would get new stuff an get him to test it. That was the best we could do in lieu of expensive lab equipment. If DC didn’t die, we could use it. So we will talk about what the course of one years happened to DC.

DC, Everything And The Kitchen Sink

We used everything and anything with DC. I remember we got Cheque Drops in and we gave them to DC. We got Drive(a blend from Australia) and we had him hit it. We used insulin on him. We used some Bull GH which was probably bullshit. We used to be such dicks to that guy. He grew like a weed from 150 to 220 pounds. That’s the benefit of a bunch of meatheads who don’t give shit for a guys health. So anyhow, back then the only anti-estrogen products were either proviron or tamoxifen. Well, we didn’t believe in those back then. we just punched ourselves full of steroids and side effects be damned. DC ended up growing himself a nice set of tits by years end. Well, the crazy ass thing was he would squeeze his nipples and clear fluid would leak out. We swore he was lactating, what ever that nipple drip juice was. We were some nasty motherfuckers back in the day. I saw DC a few years ago so apparently we didn’t kill him. That eases my conscience some. Until next time….

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