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 Liquid Labs Advanced Mass Stack

How I Gained 20 Pounds On My First Prohormone Cycle!

After all the years of juicing and serious legal issues, I swore off all anabolic steroids. I just didn’t want to go back to jail to be honest. It seem’s that once you have been under “the mans” thumb, you never really get away from it. They always tend to remember you and thus police kind of look out for guys like me. Well, I don’t want anymore of being locked up with a bunch of shit bag criminals. The problem for me was that my body is a disaster from all the years of steroids. I have so much shut down from all the years of running heavy juice cycles, I can’t function without exogenous testosterone.  Well, I don’t have insurance so I don’t go to the doctor to get HRT(hormone replacement therapy) although I need it. So my only other option was to check out prohormones. I thought these things were shit because I used “the real deal!” Nothing could be that good or effective. Well, that how I hooked up with these cats at Mind and Muscle. I had read some stuff on forums back in the day so I reached out and asked about the products. They said they would let me try a run and give my feedback on them.


Liquid Labs Advanced Mass Stack

My First Cycle

I got my stuff in the mail and was pretty excited to try this stuff out to be honest. I had felt pretty shitty since my little stint in jail and felt small, fat, and weak to be honest. I lacked energy or desire to train, and even worse yet, i could barely get my dick hard and had zero desire to fuck. That was the kicker. Not that I was expecting much, but what the hell, it was worth the try. So I got the Advanced Mass Stack and lets say the rest is history. I like to start things on a Monday usually so I can keep track but I go the shit on Friday in the mail and decided I would hit it the next day. I got the stuff on 7/24/2015 and started on 7/25/2015 and ran it til 9/19/2015. This kit comes with 2 Te, 2 Pr, 2 Eq, 1 Tr, and 1 A-Dex. I liked how they put them out in products that gave me an idea how they worked due to their chemical cousins, the anabolic steroids. So, I put the sublingual oils under my tongue and went with it. The results were pretty impressive for 8 weeks.

Month One

So I started using this stuff and the first thing I noticed was that I was starting to get hornier. For the first time in a long while, I woke up with a hard on. I was fucking thrilled. I am not sure if it was due to suppression or being in jail, but I sure as fuck didn’t want to wake up with wood in the joint if you feel me.Wrong place for a raging bone. Might make people get the wrong idea. Don’t want time added on to my sentence for punching a fruit cake who has the wrong idea; Eric Iron’s ain’t down with the brown! Just putting that out there now. When I started, I got my fat ass body fat tested and I weighed and measured myself my results were as follows:

Weight: 221 pounds

Body fat: 16%

Biceps- 17″

Chest 49″

Waist 36″

Thighs 26″

Calves 16″

I followed it to the letter, except one addition. I bought 2 cans of Rise and Swell to use as OCT (on cycle therapy). At the end of month one, here were my results.

Weight 234 pounds

Body fat 12%

Biceps 17 3/4″

Chest 50 1/2″

Waist: 34″

Thighs 27″

Calves 16 1/2″

More importantly, I felt alive. No more shitty aches and pains. Not to mention, I was fucking like a champ. My girlfriend decided not leave my limp dick having ass. Things were looking better.

Month Two

I started month on a huge upswing mentally and physically. I felt like I was back on the juice. I was actually looking forward to going to the gym for the first time in a long while. My strength was going up in leaps and bounds. I was getting through 1 1/2 hour grinding sessions no problem. When I started I could eek out 3 reps with 315 on the bench. Now I was hitting 9-10 with no spot. I loved the pumps, the changes in muscle condition and size were pretty impressive. I was honestly skeptical when I started, but now I firmly believed in prohormones. I would highly recommend them to anyone serious about making gains.

Weight: 243

Body fat: 10%

Biceps: 18″

Chest: 51 1/4″

Waist: 33″

Thighs: 28″

Calves: 18″


My initial run of prohormones would be considered a success as far as I am concerned. I am currently wrapping up my PCT with Rise and Swell and A-Dex. I am looking to do another Advanced Mass Stack followed by a PCT, and then get ready for summer by running the Advanced Cut Stack. I am really looking forward to my next run to be honest. I will do another follow up when I get done with the next bulk run.





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