Cheap Internet Steroids

Cheap Internet Steroids

My buddies had a guy they just called “China Man.” He was a worldwide figure in underground steroid dealing. They said they had to send money via Western Union to places like China, India, Bangladesh, and other countries in the Orient and Middle East.This guy could get you just about anything. It was funny because he would ship stuff international from over in China and other countries in Asia and the Middle East. That’s probably how he stayed in business for so many years. It’s isn’t like China is going to just invite our DEA in to bust him or her. It was a great hook up with good prices. I always thought it funny that a Chinese company was shipping QV (quality vet), which was Mexican. Can you say counterfeit. So long as the gear worked, it was okay because he was dirt cheap!

Cheap Internet Steroids: Low prices, High risk

You would hear everyday about people getting busted. Like any other criminal enterprise, loose lips sink ships. The less people know, the better. Inherently, people have big mouths and like to brag so they end up getting in the cross hairs of law enforcement. Or worse yet, they drag others into the vortex with them due to their oral diarrhea. Last I checked, possessing, selling, conspiring to sell, etc. were all felonies. These are serious crimes and yet these meat head’s in the gym have no problem bragging about all the gear they take openly and loudly. Sorry, I rambled off on a tangent. Back to the good stuff. So you could get just about anything and for cheap. We would load up on pre-contest stacks for ourselves. I stopped competing and really stopped using chemicals for years. I just don’t see the need to take risks if you’re not going onstage. I could care less what people think and say. Even without juice, Bench over 400 pounds and walk around at 240 fairly lean pounds.

Cheap Internet Steroids: The End Of An Era

As time went on, the China Man would have more and more issues with seizures of packages. These guys know how to find the weaknesses in customs, the mail, etc. As the China Man continued to have issues, people stopped ordering and I think he took hi millions and ran. Most of us would go to the HRT doctor to get scrips for 2 reasons, CYA (cover your ass) and by now most of us had some serious secondary hypo-gonadal issues. So we were able to get it prescribed in doses that were sensible. In reality, you go through phases where you feel invincible and other times you just feel like you’re gonna get your ass in a sling. It now made sense to just find someone local who can get you stuff. No need to risk freedom to save $10 a vial on test. So it comes full circle in the black market from hometown to China and back to the hometown. Weird how this felony sport drives you to do risky, fool hardy things.Oh, the fun isn’t over. We have so much more to talk about. Next installment, I will talk on some health issues I encountered over the years using gear.

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