Buying Fake Anabolic Steroids Online

Buying Fake Anabolic Steroids Online

Buying fake anabolic steroids online is dangerous business from a monetary, health, and legal stand point. If you read my last article, you realize that big brother is always watching. While they aren’t much interested in the guy buying a few bottles of test to prep for a contest, they will chase down guys who move weight. By that I mean some guys order lots of extra’s and pound their dumb ass friend at the gym double what they paid so that they cover the cost of their own cycle. Looks good on paper, just exposes you to the danger of getting in deep shit legally.  There are other issues at hand as well. One is that you may get totally fake products or different products or you get the worse alternative, contaminated products. You literally could die from taking something of this nature, it’s that serious.

Fake Steroids

I laugh my ass off when I hear a guy tell me his great source online uses credit cards. I am like “What the fuck is wrong with you dummy?” Nothing better than a paper trail to get your ass in hot water. At least with cash there is plausible deniability. Holy shit are some people stupid. Buying fake anabolic steroids online happens everyday. I love when people tell me their guy sells 200 mg Primobolan for $40 for a 10 ml bottle and he also sells 250 mg testosterone enanthate for $35 for a 10 ml bottle.  That makes zero sense from a simple economic standpoint. I ripped the following off a simple internet search:

98% Purity Methenolone Enanthate (Primo) Powder $21.99/g

98%+ Purity Testosterone Enanthate Powder $2.30/g

Do the simple math. The Primo is 10 times the price of the testosterone. Therefore would it not make perfect sense that Mr. Raw Powder guy needs to charge a great deal more for Primo or he would lose his ass monetarily speaking. Yep, you keep buying that Primo and I have a bridge I want to sell you. You are likely just getting test prop or deca. All greatly cheaper than Primo. Sometimes the bottle just has oil in it with nothing. Yeah, great deal huh?

Dirty Steroids

You have heard me talk in the past of my own issues such as my chest abscess or other guys having their legs opened up and liters of puss drained out while a bunch of necrotized (dead for the uninformed) tissue is debrided (scraped) away. Sound lovely doesn’t it. Listen, I am not some pussy who is saying don’t go buy steroids. I have done enough of them myself. What I am saying is it should at least give you pause, to check out you source to make sure he isn’t selling shit gear. I can’t tell you the number of times I have seen guys feel like they have a flu every single injection with some gear. I mean sweating, fever, infection and feeling like shit over all. Is it worth it? And these same idiots will shoot that shit again just to double check. If you felt like shit the first time, chances are you will feel like shit again. Worse yet, you could be that guy laying in a hospital bed with his leg wide open for weeks on end building up massive medical bills. Yeah, that sounds like a great trade off. Fucking nuts if you ask me. If you don’t 100% trust your source, don’t fucking buy it!

Solutions To Buying Fake Anabolic Steroids Online

Unless you know a doctor who is dumb as shit and would roll the dice on his 10 year life commitment, huge student loans, and his entire future, you will also have to roll the dice on your health, your freedom, and your wallet. So scenario A) Roll the dice with internet steroid guy and pray for the best. Scenario B) Go Natural. Yeah, I laughed too. Scenario C) Use the HRT dose the doctor gave you. Scenario D) Use Pro-hormones. I know many will laugh, but Liquid Labs Pro Series from Mind and Muscle  are like taking a very respectable dose of steroids, but at a fraction the cost, without legal ramifications, and not risking your health (provided you follow directions and aren’t an asshole). Yeah, it’s not the same as a gram of test per week but it gets the job done. Bottom line, 95% of all the people in the gym don’t eat well enough, train hard enough, or plan on competing to justify using anabolic steroids. Just do the smart thing, play it safe and order yourself some pro-hormones  so you don’t end up in the following scenarios A) Still a scrawny little shit in your Beast Mode string tank top loading up on tons of fake gear. B) Laying in a hospital bed with your leg wide open for 3 weeks and $250,000 in medical bills C) Laying in your prison bed spooning with some 300 pound guy named Bubba who has a whole lotta love for you. Just my take, I could be wrong, but damn do pro-hormones sound better all the time.



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