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The Epic Juice Cycle

When I first started out competing, I never even knew what Roids were. I hadn’t even heard of them. Unlike today, guys were super discrete about their use. They would sidestep the question when asked if they took steroids. Arnold was guilty of this as well. Think about it, this guy who was an obvious juicer, was elected to be the Chairman for The Presidents Council on Exercise! But times have obviously changed due to the internet and instant information from around the world. You have these morons like Bostin Loyd doing serious damage to our youth giving out completely ignorant steroid cycles. Listen Loyd, your physique sucks big balls. So if you really do take as much shit as you say, it is either fake or you’re a genetic flop. I digress. Back to the events at hand. I came from this era where we were all tight lipped about what we did. Nobody would want to have people know what their cycle was for two reasons. 1) Why would you give away the recipe to success. 2) People will think you’re a lazy, cheating piece of shit. Neither of those were desirable in my eyes, so I kept tight lipped. Hell, my parents didn’t even know although I am not sure how!

I was mostly conservative up until one year I just said fuck it and threw caution to the wind. I went balls deep on this cycle. I was like fuck it, lets do the epic steroid cycle.I was gonna win or die trying. I was in a dark place in my life at that time so I really didn’t give two fucks what happened. So if you read below, I will outline the cycle and then I will explain what I did and why.


Cycle Pre-contest 16 Weeks: The Epic Steroid Cycle

1000 mg Testosterone Cypionate weekly (all 16 weeks)- test base keeps muscles full and size up while dieting strictly.

750 mg Equipoise weekly (all 16 weeks)- EQ makes more RBC’s so you get great pumps/vascularity

228 mg Parabolan weekly (last 8 weeks)- stuff makes you rock hard.

300 mg Masteron weekly (last 6 weeks)- turns muscles to rock.

50mg Winstrol daily (last 8 weeks)- keeps nice hardness to the muscles

50 mg Proviron daily all 16 weeks- cuts estrogen and makes other steroids help harden physique.

25 mg Nolvadex daily all 16 weeks- block estrogen from binding nipples. Avoid gyno.

10 iu GH daily until 14 days out- burns fat like crazy and keeps muscles full.

25 mcg of T3 starting at 6 weeks out. I would double the dose until I got to 150 mcg the last week. Max dose 150 mcg- ramps up metabolism and incinerates fat.

20 mcg of clenbuterol staring at 8 weeks out and doubling in dose until the last week of the show. Max dose 160 mcg- beta agonist that helps liberate the body of fat.

So when you take this amount of stuff into account, its a lot of gear and a lot of money. Even with a sweet GH hook up, I was dropping $150 per week. Fucking nuts. So I am sure everyone wants to know the results.

I went onstage roughly 1 lb heavier 16 weeks after I started my diet. I weighed 247 lbs @ 13% body fat 16 weeks out. I went onstage at 248 lbs at 4.4% body fat. That was absolutely nuts. Never before did I do a diet where I gained 1 lb over 16 weeks. So over 16 weeks I essentially lost 22 lbs of fat and gained 22 lbs of muscle. That would be a net body composition change of 44 lbs in 16 weeks. No wonder why everyone was freaking out watching me change almost daily. I threw caution to the wind(in my book) and made a massive change in my body in a very short period of time. I can tell you, juice works!





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