Eric Irons

Eric Irons: Sheer Insanity

When one is serious about their weight training, they can do some seriously stupid shit at points in time. I am recalling a legendary leg workout that I put my 3 other buddies and myself through. It was a fucking nightmare to be honest. Felt like I got visited by Bubba from cell block 6 for a week after. Yeah, I am not making fun of anal rape, just trying to explain the depths of discomfort I was in for 5 full days! It was actually brutal what we tried to accomplish. I read about his brutal leg workout in Musclemag. Stupid worthless fucking rag….haha. Anyway, whoever wrote that piece of shit can go fuck themselves. Well, just because I am a dumb fuck, I had to try it out. Needless to say, after this workout, I cancelled my subscription to that shitty rag!. All kidding aside, whoever wrote that article need a punch in his junk. That was and still is the leg workout to set my bench mark, and trust me, I have done some seriously insane leg days. Nobody liked doing legs with me except for my boy Freddie “The Detroit Diesel” George. He is another seriously fucked up individual.

The Workout

So this workout was silly in not just volume, but the movements were nasty. We started out with a warm up of squats until we got up to our work weight of 405 lbs. So the workout went like this:

Round 1:

Squats 6 reps @ 405 lbs no rest

Extensions 6 reps @ 250 lbs no rest

Leg Press 6 reps @ 1200 lbs

Hack squats 6 reps @ 4 plates per side

rest until other 3 get done. Repeat 4 times

Round 2:

Squat 12 reps @ 315 lbs no rest

Extensions 12 reps @ 210 lbs no rest

Leg press 12 reps @ 1020 lbs no rest

Hack squats 12 reps @ 3 plates per side

rest until other 3 get done. Repeat 4 times

Round 3:

Squats 20 reps @ 225 lbs no rest

Extensions 20 reps @ 150 lbs no rest

Leg Press 20 reps @ 840 lbs no rest

Hack squats 20 reps @ 2 plates per side

rest until other 3 get done. Repeat 4 times.

This is honestly pretty brutal. The first time we did it, everybody only made it through 8 sets, or the last of the 12 rep sets. I actually did the 9th set or the first set of the 20 reps because my Mother didn’t raise a bitch. I attempted the 10th set and my legs just failed on the first squat attempt. It was like a runaway elevator. It took me two more times to get through all 12 sets. I was the only one who did finish that workout the way it was written. I don’t think it was because I am better than those guys, I may just be a little more fucked in the head. I hate losing more than anything. That could be to people or circumstances, it doesn’t matter; losing is losing in my book. If you are feeling your oats, give this shit a try. You will know how it feels to get visited by Bubba too! C’mon, don’t be a pussy, go for it!

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